Thursday, September 30, 2010

Glee Review #11: "Britney Britney" (Episode 2, Season 2)

This music/dance packed episode did not disappoint! With extremely lowkey drama, and some new mild characters, this Brittany Spears themed installment was nothing but fun.

As always... *SPOILER ALERT*

The first song being "Slave 4 U" was amazing. I'm so glad Heather Morris finally got to show off her amazing dance moves. Did you know she toured with Beyonce and has been in several music videos?! This girl has got talent, and I'm happy she was finally able to really and truly showcase it during this episode. Even though it was wierd seeing our awkward and out there Brit dancing sexy and in control, I think it was about time she had the spotlight! But, in "Me Against The Music" Brittany shared that spotlight for a bit with Santana, which made the song even greater! Seeing Rachel singing "... Baby One More Time" was a flashback to her Grease costume for me. It's always wierd seeing Rachel take on a sexier role, but everyone seems to be busting loose this episode! "Stronger" was SO good. I was wondering where the guys were the whole episode, and then BAM there they are! It was a really cool way of seeing how Britney Spears' music effected everyone. I'm not a big fan of their performances that don't really happen (like how these were all just anesteshia fantasys) but it worked out good. When I first saw that "The Only Exception" was going to be sung, I thought it would sound wierd and take away from all the Spears tunes. But it fit in perfectly and the montage during Rachel's performance nearly made me cry. It was so cute!

Drama was kept lowkey this episode except for Emma's new love interest played by John Stamos and the usual Finn and Rachel dramatics. ☺

My questions...
1.) How long will John Stamos appear for on Glee?
Again, I couldn't find a solid answer to this question but I'm sure John Stamos will keep showing up in the next few episodes! I like the idea of Emma finally getting a healthy romance, but I think I'm going to miss her and Will's perfect love..... hm....
2.) Does Terri's short but random apperance this episode mean we will be seeing more of her?
After the divorce, things seemed pretty final between Will and Terri and I thought we'd never see her lying little face again. But her out of the blue apperance while Will was having a moment with Emma, confused me a bit. Will Terri keep showing up here and there? I think it's sort of odd but if the writer's worked it in well, it could be interesting.
3.) When will Mercedes, Kurt, Puck, and Quinn get their big break this season?!
So far we've had songs from Artie, Finn, Rachel, Brittany and Santana. Even Mike and Tina have their own big storyline! But where's our other beloved characters besides singing backup?! I know Kurt is supposed to play a big part next episode so hopefully these parts will be getting more equal soon!

Your quotes of the week... (there were a lot!)
"I would just like to say that from now on I demand to have every solo in glee club. When I had my teeth cleaned I had the most amazing Britney Spears fantasy. I sang and dance better than her. Now I realize what a powerful woman that I am." - Brittany
"Well, congratulations. Normally you dress like a fantasy of a perverted Japanese business man with a very dark specific fetish but I actually dig this look. Yay. " - Santana
"Don't let your own recklessness blind you to the fact that Britney Spears is a genius pop culture provocateur and a gateway drug to every out of control impulse ever created." - Sue
"It's a Britney Spears sex riot!" - Sue
"Next week, I'm gonna be performing a musical number by Ke$ha." - Brittany
"Every day, Tina and Mike's Asian fusion grows stronger." - Artie
"I'm secretly hoping it's a mid-life crisis, meaning your halfway to an early death. " - Sue
"I think that guy just broke up with his girlfriend just so he could stare at you. " - Finn
"I'm more talented than all of you. I see that clearly now." - Brittany
"I look forward to the day the paparazzi provokes me and I attack them." - Rachel
"I kinda like it. I don't have to fantasize about what song I'd sing at your bedside if you got paralyzed." - Rachel
"This room looks like that room on that spaceship when I got probed." - Brittany

As usual, I'm soooo excited for "Grilled Cheesus" next week. It look awesome! I'm freaking out about Kurt's dad, excited for all these songs and I'm anxious to see how religion will effect the glee memebers, this is gonna be good.
"Loosing My Religion"
"Papa, Can You Hear Me?"
"One Of Us"
"I Look To You"
"Only the Good Die Young"
"Bridge Over Troubled Water"
"I Want To Hold Your Hand"
These are the songs they are reportedly singing, we'll see!


Song stuck in my head today: Lots of Spice Girls ;)

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My Solo Cup Is Filled With Iced Tea

I like to feel powerful. Powerful enough to make me feel powerless. It's a funny feeling be powerless, but not for long. I like to know when I'm powerless, and still have control. Everyone loves feeling powerless at certain points. It's a rush, it's exhilarating and it's freeing. But still, I don't like when I'm not in control. With anything. Wheter it be a school project, how I'm supposed to act, what I can say. I like being free to do what I want. I like being sure in myself, and capturing every second. I like to hold on to memories and I like to be able to keep my self away from stupid things. In my opinion, staying sober is my way of doing that.

When I was 11 or 12, my cousins, sister and I made a vow that we would never drink or smoke. We've seen the effects it has on people, and it's never really appealed to any of us. There are many reactions I get when I say this. "Ha you seriously think that?" (From most of the kids who don't know me that well, and doubt I can resist all that is alcohol. Yuck.) "Aw sweets, that's so good." (The adult that inside is totally doubting me.) "Why?" (The teen who has no clue why alcohol is bad.) "I get it, but it's not all that bad." (The somewhat rational person who wants me to realize that, indeed, not all booze is bad- in moderation.) "I'd be so proud of you if you could do that." (My parents. The only good response.) But, I promise you. I will stay sober. Watch me! People laugh at me and say "I'm not coming to no dry wedding!" (because I have this teensy obsession with wedding central), but I really don't think alcohol is for me. That's that. I'm not saying I hate people who have a wine or two or enjoy having shots or something. I don't cringe and cry everything time my parents enjoy some pinot grigio with their pasta, and I don't freak when people toast champagne or anything like that. What does make my skin crawl is when people drink to get drunk. "Yeah man! Let's go get wasted this weekend." That makes me want to puke. Now that I'm in high school, there's a hell of a lot more of that- and it's only my 3rd week! There's these two girls that are a year older than me, and every Friday all they discuss is a.) where they're getting their beer from b.) who's parents are going away or how they can sneak it out of their house c.) how fun it is going to get drunk. I knew people who drank and smoke in middle school, I'm not blind- people do it all the time sadly! But in middle school, no one was open about it. Now in the "big leagues" I bet people are gonna make fun of me for not joining it. And that's fine. The only thing I care about is how to react to other people who are going to drink. Plenty of my friends will, and they might turn into those people who spend their nights drunk and their school days hungover- I don't know for sure. It's also the whole "what's right" aspect. I don't know how I should react to when I go to parties with alcohol. I don't think it's wrong for people to do what they want, like drink underage or something, but when things start taking a turn for the worse should I even be there to possibly put myself in that position?! It's all very two-sided.

I hope teenage drinking doesn't effect the rest of my teen years. I really would love to avoid it in its entirety but I know that's inevitable. I just got to stick with my beliefs and enjoy live sober, because in my opinion what good is a good time if you're not going to remember it anyways?

"I felt like
I'd walked into
and American
teen movie,
I picked up
the red cups.
I was like,
Wow, they
really do drink
from these."
- Emma Watson On going to her first college party
I love this quote, it's so true!
Song stuck in my head today: "You Really Got Me" by The Kinks

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

World Of Jenks: "Fifty Fists " The Buried Life: '‘Streak A Stadium And Get Away With It"

In this Monday's episode, Andrew lived the life of MMA fight, Anthony "Showtime" Pettis. Once again, Jenks managed to turn my perspective of fighters on a 180. I hate wresting, cage fighting, all that kind of stuff. I don't like the fact that people get paid to hurt each other. It just seems real stupid. So when I started to watch this episode, I imagined Andrew living with a flashy, self centered guy, who cared about the parties and perks that came with being in the ring. I thought Anthony would be an extremely agressive and cocky person, but I couldn't of been more wrong.

Anthony wasn't a party-er, he loved the support from others, but him and Jenks left a party in his honor after less than an hour of celebration. While others were boozing on his behalf, Anthony was in the gym, building his body for his upcoming fight- on that would define his career as an MMA fighter forever. You see, Anthony up until a recent loss, has been undefeated. This match was set to test his strength entirely, he is coming into this fight as the underdog that people are expecting a lot from. Their is pressure from fans, the MMA community, peers, his family (who relies on his MMA money), and most importantly himself. Anthony wasn't going into this fight being over confident and self assured. He studied his oppenents every move, and trained extensively. He's a very soft-spoken man who doesn't get heated like you might think a normal fighter would. He cared about his family, a lot. His MMA career helps support his family after the tragic loss of his father, and his family means the world to him.

The title of this episode, "Fifty Fists", comes from a quote in the episode. Anthony's coachs were explaining to Andrew that you don't step in that ring alone, that fighting isn't a solo sport. You have a whole team, a family, that is backing you up until that bell rings, and when you punch it's like fifty fists coming at you. I never realized all the hard work and soul that goes into fighting, and how determined Anthony was to win. In the end he did. With an amazing kick to the face, Anthony claimed his title- that was rightfully his. It's not like I'm buying tickets online as we speak to go to the next tournament, but I do now have a different level of repsect for these people.

The season premiere of The Buried Life was surely a daring one! And I loved every minute.

In this episode the guys set out to accomplish #50: Streak a stadium and get away with it. This made for one of the most supsenseful and hear-pounding episodes yet! I love seeing how the boys devise their plan, and this one surely took a lot of creative thinking. The mapped the layout of the soccer stadium, got pictures of security uniforms, and even went to a nude commune to be more comfterable with being naked! Ha, it was crazy. In the end, after a hilarious turn of events, the boys do get caught. But they were able to cross of #57: Spend the night in jail!

If you're unfamilair with the show, for every thing the boys tried to do, they help a stranger do something also. They met up this time with Kaytee, who wrote to them asking for help with building a skate park to commemorate her best friend that passed away named Brady. After some paint, elbow grease, tears and a sucessful inspection the guys were able to help Kaytee and the town remember their loved one in a very special way.

Thanks for reading!


Song stuck in my head today: "Stronger" by the cast of Glee

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Take That!

So, listening to myself about trying new things and doing what I want no matter what: I'm running for freshman class president.

I'm always telling myself that I should get involved, so here's my chance! I wanted to run for something because I missed out on the opportunity in elementary school, and now that I can again, I decided, what the heck I might as well. I decided on president because: 1.) Everyone was chickening out of it therefore... 2.) Too many people were running for VP 3.) Treasurer seemed super boring and 4.) I liked president better than secretary.

I'll keep you posted on how things go, I only have two other opponents, and things seem like they can go either way. You never know! Another thing I might give a go is, drama. My high school's drama club is starting soon and I went to the meeting with a bunch of my friends the other day. I was in my school musical last year, and I've always loved the theater but now I'm unsure if I want to try out. The high school does a play and a musical, and I'm not sure if I'm cut out for acting yet. I don't have much experience and I also have a soccer game the day of auditions! I'm totally clueless on what to do, my friends keep saying to tryout no matter what, but I'm not sure if I even do make it, how I'll be able to balance it with sports, homework, and all my other activities!

Oh gosh...

Song stuck in my head today: "Tell Me Why" by Taylor Swift

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back to Basics: A Flower List Update

What are your feelings on birthdays?

50% said I love them!!!!!
0% said Eh they're okay
0% said Gotta love the presents
0% said I don't care
0% said Ew I hate birthdays. Just means you're getting older
50% said They're the best (:
0% said they make me nervous

September is a busy birthday month for my family: aunts, friends, and cousins both add on another year to the list. One person who gets just a little bit older this time of year, is my cousin Stephanie. We're super super close, and we love celebrating each others birthdays. Stephanie and I talk a lot about birthdays, and getting older. Wheter we're excited, nervous, or anxious we always have something to say about the age we're turning. This year,


I don't know what to make of this number yet, but then again Steph and I don't know what to make of any number. Does age really even matter? Do their need to be restrictions and regulations on things just because you're older or younger than someone? Can a number define you? We don't think so, but there it is, looming over you. Reminding you that the clock is ticking away, or that you're still too young to do what you really want. Ugh, age is so confusing! My birthday is still some time away- mid January -but I'm already getting excited/nervous for it.

In the end though, Steph and I always conlclude- we are who we are, not matter what we're wearing, how we style our hair, and how old we are. A number can not speak for ourselves, or anyone else and the only perks of age is being able to drive! (Still have to wait a year and a half for that...)

So whatever point you are in your life, don't burden yourself with that number. Don't looking at your graying hair, and don't wish you were taller or shorter or whatever! Just enjoy life.

the two things that we make the greatest fuss about- getting fat and getting old - aren't given to most people in the world
Song stuck in my head today: "Sunday Morning" by Maroon 5

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Summer & Seventh

So, yesterday I had a soccer game. It's been going really well! Our team is 3-1 (we've one three games and lost one). Yesterday, we were playing a team at at there middle school. You see, their middle and high school share the same field since they have an ultra nice turf field and a lot of other smaller fields that teams can use. So while our game was going on, there was also a JV boys soccer game taking place, 7th grade boys football practice, and 7th grade girls soccer practice. During our pre-game warm-ups we got to see these girls in action, and I realized how far I've come! I was the girl who was constantly apoligizing for her bad passes and volleys, and had no clue what she was doing, but was learning a heck of a lot along the way! I wasn't just watching these girls noticing their soccer skills though, I was thinking about how small they were! Too me, 7th grade does not seem far away at all, but two years can be a long time. I thought of what I felt like, what I was going through into 7th grade, and pictured these girls probably experiencing the same things. Everyone treats "sevies" like they a world away, and I never thought they were, until now. I really have changed, and it's sorta freaking me out!

Taking soccer pictures are the best. You really get some cool stuff!

On the bus ride to the game and back I was thinking of nothing else but summer. The town we played in is a real hotspot for surfers and it's basically just a beach town! So driving past all the great ice cream places, surf shops and beaches that are packed in the summer but are now covered with this eerie Septemeber fog, really made me upset. I miss summer! Don't get me wrong, fall is my FAVORITE season. But I hate Septemeber. It's such an awkward transition. One day it's 65 degrees out and everyones searching for their new pair of jeggings, and then it's a hot and sunny 85 and people are regretting covering up their pool! Why does September have to tease us? Summer's not coming back, we still have to wait a whole 'nother year.

Song stuck in my head today: "Til I Forget About You" by Big Time Rush

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Glee Review #10: "Audition" (Episode 1, Season 2)

For me, the second season of Glee started on a sour note. Not to say I'm doubting the show will pick up the pace later on, but I expected more from this season premiere!

*SPOILER ALERT* For those of you who missed the episode 'cause you thought it was at 9 (yeah, made that mistake almost!) go to to watch the rest!
First up, music! (Yes it feels oh so good to get back into my old Glee routine!) I looooved "Empire State of Mind", and was clapping at the end unlike the rude McKinley High kids! I thought the outfits were cute and cheesey, and seeing Finn in those glasses was the best. "Telephone" was a great way to introduce the newest female character, Sunshine Corazon. The only part I didn't like was how vicious Rachel was when she was singing! "Listen" was great, but I wasn't shocked like the other Glee fans that weren't familiar with the lovely and talented, Charice - Yes that's her real genuine voice! - so I guess it didn't give me the effect most viewers had. "Billionaire" was super cute and fun, and I can't tell you how happy I am that there's a blond guy on Glee. For those of you who don't know, I love blond guys, haha. I wondered though if that's his real voice. So, I did what any curious person who do nowadays: Googled him! While I didn't uncover if this new character had any real pipes, I did uncover some MAJOR SPOILERS. His name is Chord Overstreet, you may have seen him on iCarly and No Ordinary Family, and he has been cast as Kurt's boyfriend!!! AHHHH. So, that's it for music. I wanted some old school Glee jam sessions though, to kick off the season right!
The Drama in this episode was good. Nothing too crazy, just your normal McKinley High sabotaging! What resulted in the drama that ocurred though, was what left a bad taste in my mouth. I felt the fact that Sunshine ended up switching to Vocal Adreneline, Sam not trying out, and the touchy scenes with the new football coach, Ms. Bieste, were too much for this fragile season premiere. It should've been more fun and lively! Not full of backstabbing and evil planning! Though I did enjoy the Will and Sue teamwork for a bit, I wanted to cry at the end! Then they push Bieste SO overboard that she throws Finn off the team?! Not good. Not good at all. Oh, and Rachel's bangs ruined the whole epsiode. Is it just me or have those bangs made her even meaner?! I love Rachel but she served out to much this episode.

A new addition to my normal Glee reviewing format will be my thoughts as I was watching the episode (I jot down notes so it takes less time when I blog).
  • I loooooved Jacob's vlog in the beginning. Thought that was a great way to open up and that microphone with the hebrew on it made me die!
  • Aisan camp?! Hahahhaa.
  • Finn's cheer audition made my want to cry, but I couldn't stop laughing at him and Sue's reaction!
  • The fight between Santana and Quinn were inveitable, and I'm glad it happened! It's so good to see Quinn back in her uniform... wow. Never thought I'd say that.
  • I died when Brittany accused Bieste of sexual harrasment... Oh good ol' Brittany!

Second to last: My questions for the episode!

1.) Are Charice and Sam permenant characters on Glee? I tried to do a bit of research, but I couldn't come to a definite conclusion if they would both become two new main characters. Since Sam is going ot be Kurt's boyfriend, and Charice is now on Vocal Adreneline. They have to be staying around for a good part of the season! I think they'll both make for some interesting storylines. 2.) Will Quinn change again now that she is head cheerleader? Our now beloved Quinn Fabray is yet again on top of the pyramid- literally. Since Sue decided to give her a second chance, will she start treating her glee club family like dirt? I hope not! 3.) How long will Mike and Tina really last? This new summer love couple seems to be going strong despite the heart-broken Artie's disapproval, but will their summer fling last through the school year? It seems to me like they're both tottaly different people at times and I'm wary if it'll really last.

Last but not least... memorable quotes!

"Which means we'd have to reuse my kids new Pampers for at least a week" - Pizza guy "How do you get the white on the rice?" - Jacob "...Who is shorter than me which I didn't think is possible" - Rachel "Oh, and Boobs McGee — you’re demoted to the bottom of the pyramid, so when it collapses, your exploding sandbags will protect the squad from injury. Now take your juicy, vine-ripened chest fruit and get the hell out of my office!" - Sue "I made it up. Coach Beiste didn’t touch my boobs. Actually, I really want to touch her boobs. " - Brittany "Did you know there’s a forum on my blog that’s begging you to stop rapping?" - Jacob

Tina and Mike share a moment at aisan camp

I'm so excited for next week's Britney Spears themed episode "Britney Britney"! The songs from this iconic popstar that they'll be singing are....

"Stronger" "Oops!... I Did It Again" "...Baby One More Time" "Toxic" "Me Against The Music" "The Only Exception" "Slave 4 U"

I also found out that Carrol Burnett will be starring as Sue Sylvester's mother. HOW PERFECT?!

Song stuck in my head today: "Empire State of Mind" by the Glee cast

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Wish This Fad Was Dead.

I think I need to get my eyes checked. That's wierd though because I have 20/20 vision... But it seems to me, every day at school, every girl is wearing a Grateful Dead t-shirt. I love the Grateful Dead but you have to understand, half these chicks don't even know what they are! "Uhm yeah, I thought the skull design was really neat..."

I'm not saying it's that wrong to wear a shirt with an iconic symbol on it and be completely oblivious...

Ok, well in my book it is. At least try to learn about what you're wearing! Because than some music freak girl like me is gonna come along and mock you because you're guessing the Grateful Dead was come cutesy 80s pop band. Nope. Try again. I'm sorry I'm so crazy judgemental with this, put it's just one of my biggest pet peeves. It's not like any of these girls are walking around with "Sugar Magnolia" stuck in their head.

So yeah, sorry if I'm tottaly overracting with this whole thing but it's super annoting when every time I ask someone wearing a shirt like this if they like the Dead they're just like "Uhm, no are they a band? Lol, I just like y'know think the like skull is cool!"


Song stuck in my head today: "Soundtrack 2 My Life" by Kid Cudi

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World of Jenks "The Street Queen"

In this week's installement, Andrew Jenks lives the life of a 'houseless' 22 year old named Danielle. This was the episode I was most looking foward to, and it didn't dissapoint.

You may or may not know (hey new readers!) that I visit NYC quite often, so I've seen my share of homeless people. I, personally, am not the type of person to walk by without wondering how that person got there, how me giving them or not giving them change or food will effect them, and if anyone else helps them out. But suprisingly enough, the thing that shocked me the most this episode, was not how Danielle lived now as a houseless woman in the streets of San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district, but her life before that.
Danielle grew up in a broken household, which is a reason for her living on the streets today. Hearing what her parents had to say about her life, her homelessness, and their own parenting, made me cry. I'm so lucky to have a safe, loving, and nuturing home enviroment, and I guess I don't appreciate it that much. Danielle's mother and father were both obviously drunk when Jenks questioned them, and their answers were even more revolting. Danielle's mother thought she did a fine job with raising her three childern, and wasn't concerned at all that Danielle was living on the streets, day to day. She said if anything, Danielle was better off on her own.

D is a very strong person. If I had a family who said those things, I would never want to visit them again. I'm not sure if it's healthy for her to visit them, but I know it's not healthy to cut them out of her life altogether. While visiting her parents, Danielle gets her Social Security ID card from her mother. With this now in her posession, she hopes to start a new life for herself, and dreams about becoming a social worker with a family. I hope this happens for her

Song stuck in my head today: ....

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Left My Heart in Iceland

When the sun hits me perfectly on a nice 60 degree day, I'm transported to that sqaure in RVK where we ate ice cream and watched the skateboarders.

When my dog gives me a face, I think of that Cavalier I took a picture of while we were waiting for the guy to go come back to his shop to give me my t-shirt.

When I'm walking around my block at dusk, I accidentally think it's two in the morning. Whoops.

When I look at my aunt's dog, I think of Kayla and how well she played.

When a breeze covers my face as I'm in the pool, I think of all the pools we went to and I never thought I could swim in Iceland.

When someone mentions Hollywood Stunt Rider, I think of that terrible water slide I went on where this little boy kicked my butt while I was on the ride because I slowed down the whole ride.

When I see a cute brunette boy, I think of that gorgeous guy we saw at the pool but couldn't talk to because of that little girl that kept following us around. God, what was her name??

When I hear an older man with a British accent, I think of how you turned and smiled at me when we sat down next to that man from the UK.

When I see a cute baby boy, I think of that baby who had body-builder parents, and I couldn't get enough of him, and how he smiled at me and tried to play with us.

Whenever I go to the movies, I wish I had enough money for a slushie because it was the best thing ever when we saw Toy Story 3.

When I see a pair of cute high heels (or any clothing for that matter!), I hear you in my head saying "BUY IT. BUY IT."

When I see all these new ads for jeggings, I think of how everyone wore them in Iceland and how I just had to get a pair. Now they're huge here, who would've known!

Whenever someone mentions jam, I think of the rhubarb jam I tried and oddly enough liked.

When ever someone mentions waffles, I think of the super yummy ones we noshed on in RVK.

Song stuck in my head today: The one that kept playing on the radio. The one from EuroSings or whatever. "Love, Oh Love". Something like that. I should go Youtube it.....

Keep on keepin' on,


World of Jenks: "Heaven and Hell" (AND THE BURIED LIFE)

This weekend I watched "Heaven and Hell" on my T.V. (via IO free On Demand) so for those of you who have IO, watch it that way because is currently restoring that video. :/

In this episode, Andrew uncovers the lifestyle of up and coming rapper, Maino. He learns about his past, parties it up in the present, and talks to Maino about his aspirations.

In ways, were all alike. We're all covered with stereotypes, and all have stories that just sound very similair to everyone elses. Sooner or later, all these great tales start to get mashed up and muddled. We look for something new, someone who has risen above all, faced with challenges no one has ever had to face before. So a black boy growing up in the streets of Bed Stuy and after some time in prison and being exposed to all that is the ghetto, makes a good life for himself doesn't sound to different now-a-days doesn't it. I mean how many docu-dramas and 60 Minutes specials can we have about singers, businessman, actors, or writers that made it out of the projects?

Not enough.

You might think you've seen it all after watching a little bit of MTV and prime-time news, but you haven't. You know how the story goes and don't gasp when you find out Maino has a son out of wed-lock and spent 10 years in prison for kidnapping. You know the drill: hard times followed by one mistake that leads you to jail, and then that final wake up call (throw in a murder or a pregnancy for good measure). I'm not saying that Andrew Jenks uncovered anything mind-blowing or life-changing. The stereotypical rise to fame might even stay in your head after watching it, who knows! But while watching this episode, and hearing Maino talk about wanting to be and inspiration to others, providing hope for those who were still trying to make it out of the streets, (after rolling my eyes a bit): I got it. I realized that yes, we humans share a lot of stories, and maybe we're all just the same and that's that. But there's still so many people trying to stand up on their own two feet, so many people who need that inspiration no matter if they're living in Brooklyn, Compton, or some little farm town that's making them feel trapped in Ohio! The stories we hear and see are only a small percentage of those who have been able to give themselves and their families, a better life. They're only just a few people who have been able to pursue their dreams despite all the staggering odds that were against them. The words they give to others aren't cheesey, but heartfelt. And those others need them.
In other thoughts.... NEW World of Jenks EPISODE TONIGHT AND THE PREMIERE OF The Buried Life AFTER IT! This is an awesome TV week! I'm really excited to to see what crazy things the boys do this season, and hopefully it'll give me inspiration for my list! I'll post my review tomorrow and I hope you all check it out!
Song stuck in my head today: I have allergies.. the only thing in my head was snot!
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back to Basics: A Flower List Update

Are you excited for the new season of Glee?!

54% said YES!! I CAN' WAIT
36% said Ew no.
0% said I guess. I watch it sometimes!
0% said No, I'm really dreading your reviews too. I don't watch it!
0% said Yup (:
0% said Maybe I'll start watching it...
9% said What's Glee?

Well a couple things,
1.) I'm glad most of you ar excited for Glee!! I can't wait either. The new season starts the 21st and I'm stoked! My friend Jake said they're singing "Empire State of Mind" and I'm dying to hear it.
2.) I'm upset the other half of you don't watch Glee but it's also good to know people aren't reading my blog just for the reviews because I feel that way sometimes! Hope you don't get too annoyed with my posts though. :)
3.) For those of you who are unfamilair with all the glory that is Glee, here's a basic rundown for you! Glee is a comedy TV show on FOX which follows the torments and triumphs of McKinley High School's misfit glee club. With it's hilarious one-liners, diverse characters, and amazing renditions Glee is a must-watch show! (In my opinion anyways ;))

So be sure to check back here for my reviews of this season! Thanks for reading (:

Song stuck in my head today: "Gold Digger" by the cast of Glee

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

World of Jenks: "Can't Make Me Be Me"

In the premiere episode of MTV's newest series World of Jenks Andrew lives with Chad, a 20 year old living with autism. While with Chad school, meets his friends, takes him to NYC (a mistake!), Coney Island, and dives into his life. This episode really opened my eyes to people with autism, at first I just thought autism only effected how people comprehend things, that maybe they were a little "slower" than everyone else, and had trouble socializing. But now I realize that there are many sides of autism and it can affect people differently. Chad suffers from hypersensitivity, which is common in a lot of autistic people. (New fact to me!) I didn't think much of it at first, but his hypersensitivity is what made his trip to NYC a bummer. If you've never been to the city, or don't know much about it (.....!), New York City is a very loud, and busy place. With car horns constantly honking, and the usual bustle of city-dwellers, Chad found it extremely difficult to enjoy his visit, and they ended up cutting the trip very early. I couldn't imagine living with that, not just because I love the city! But because it can totally make or break the moment. Think about all the places that are loud: sporting events, concerts... you couldn't be able to enjoy any of them!

Chad was also very agitated when without his camera. It almost ruins the whole outing for him, when he wasn't able to capture memories of him and his friends at lunch. Even when Andrew offered him his own camera, it wouldn't satisfy him. Also, Chad had a very meticulous evening routine, before he went to bed. Even when his mother moved something slightly, it set him off. When I think about those kind of situations, people with severe OCD pop into my head, but I never knew that people with autism could be in the same boat.
If you didn't check out the show, I really think you should. So far, World of Jenks has gotten a big approval from me, and apparently a lot of people!! It was the most watched premiere in all of MTV history. After going on today to watch this episode, I realized that there is indeed another episode entitled "Heaven and Hell" where Andrew lives the life of the rapper, Maino. So, expect a review of that shortly!!


P.S. My parents who normally "frown upon" MTV shows, enjoyed this one! So if you're worried about content, (cursing aside) World of Jenks seems pretty good!

Keep on keepin' on,


Monday, September 13, 2010

Don't Like MTV? Hopefully This Will Change Your Mind

Alright, there's this new show on called World of Jenks and I'm dying to watch it! It looks SUPER good, and it (officially) premieres tonight at ten o'clock on MTV. I know, I know. They showed a sneak peek after the VMAs last night but I didn't stay up to watch it so I'm planning on watching it tonight or catching both episodes on ☺

World of Jenks takes you literally, into the world of young documentarist (huh?) Andrew Jenks. For a week, Jenks moves in with a different person to experience their life. In the first 2010 season, the episodes follow him as he uncovers the life of a NFL cheerleader, rapper, cagefighter, homeless girl, and more. I really hope this show is as good as it seems from the commercials and promotions I've seen and I hope you all check it out! I love documentarys so I think I'll enjoy this.

Leave a comment if you are going to or have watched the show! Prepare for my review and a post about The Buried Life next week!!!

Song stuck in my head today: "Walk This Way" by Aerosmith

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Not sure how you could forget..

I've always approached what happened on September 11th 2001, in a very weird manner. I can cry and cry watching videos about the Holocaust, thinking about war, reading a murder mystery, or even turning on the news. But something weird hits me when I think about 9/11. The tears get jammed and I suck in my cheeks and clench my fists, as if I'm preparing for someone to punch me right in the gut. I don't know why.

I think it takes anyone a while to wrap their heads around an idea that they didn't create or an event that they weren't there to witness or be a part of. But only now, nine years after the towers were struck down, do I think I'm finally beginning to understand what occurred on that September morning. Maybe it's because my teachers have seemed to avoid it in class, and it hasn't been drilled into my head like the Holocaust or the Vietnam War, or even a small murder like the one of Emmet Till. All I know is that I've always had a hard time grasping what happened on 9/11.

So, today I watched a bit of the memorial on T.V. and that I think, helped me finally realize what tragic things happened and how horrible they really were. I turned on the memorial just as Mayor Bloomberg made his speech, and the moment of silence at 8:46 occurred. During that moment, my mind wasn't silent. I made myself picture a plane striking a building. A building that seemed indestructible and intimidating from my perspective as a mere human. A building holding hundreds of people, people who had daughters, sons, wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and friends to get home to. People who came to work knowing it just as another day of work, and nothing else.

That hit me.

After a few more words from the Mayor and other significant people, they began to list the names of those who died at the World Trade Center.

That hit me more than anything.

I watched them recite the names slowly, one at a time, stopping to speak about their loved ones, and after what felt like an eternity, I realized: They're only in the A's. At that point, I started bawling and headed up in my room to change my clothes and get ready for the day because I knew my Dad would want me to help him out with my sister soon. After a hour and a half, I got back downstairs. They were just starting to recite the names of those who died that last names started with a D. I don't know how long it took them to say all the names, I couldn't watch for that long because I had a busy day ahead of me. But I watched most of it from the As to the Hs. There was a girl who died, she was two. I looked at my little sister when her name came across the screen, she was playing with her toys, sitting on the floor oblivious to anything real. I imagined her with only one more year left to live, and I never want to have to imagine that again.

I didn't loose anyone on 9/11. But my heart goes out to those who did. I was too young at the time to have memories of it now or to even have known what was going on at the time. But I'm glad I'm finally realizing the horror of what happened that day, and how many lives it touched.

I found this photo online when I ran a Google image search. Someone posted them on their blog, and the reviews were very mixed. I thought I'd put this photo instead of some of the more graphic ones I found, because I thought this one was interesting and thought provoking. I think they're just stupid. What's next? A Hiroshima doll? But... some people liked them! Beats me.

This week my sister and I caught the tail end of a special on the History channel about 9/11 conspiracy theories. I found it really interesting while I don't believe in any of it! But it did open my eyes do a new way of thinking... I guess. :p

Song stuck in my head today: "Working on a Dream" by Bruce Springsteen

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to Basics: A Flower List Update

(I have to ask you it now!) Have you ever sent fan mail?

25% said No.
0% said Yup!
50% said Um, why would I?
25% said I've thought about it.
0% said I want too.

If you haven't read my other post about me sending fan mail, as a part of my Flower List, I asked you all to comment if you've sent fan mail, no one did (*cry*) so I made it a poll! That's basically it. Not much to elaborate on, but no I really feel pathetic looking at the poll results. Why did I even put that on the list?

Thank for reading (: I'm trying to decide what I should try to tackle next... any suggestions? (Psh, not like you guys comment anyways anymore!! Haha)
Song stuck in my head today: Hasn't snuck in yet
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Time Just Goes

So, first two days: OVER.

(I would've written right away about my first day, while it was still fresh (ha...) in my mind, but I had my first soccer practice and then I was pretty busy with school supplies and what not afterwards!)

Teachers? Never thought I'd say it but- I miss my old ones! Even the ones I thought were stupid or boring, I miss 'em!

Hallways? Not as bad as they're cracked up to be, thought getting on/off the stairs and turning around can pose a problem sometimes.

Lunch? Perfect!

Soccer? Fine so far ☺

Upperclassman? Except for the cries of "FRESHIES!" "Hey freshmeat." "Move it freshman." "Oh sorry, they're freshman!", everythings cool.

Locker? After five or six tries on the first day, and asking random students to open it for me, my locker can now be opened on the first or second try by yours truly! Wonder why it took me longer in high school than middle school to get used to this lock...?

Classmates? So far, a lot of my friends are in my classes so I'm really content with that. Art though? That's another topic...

People? Uhm, can that go in the other topic section also? Okay, thanks.

Homework? Fine, but then again, it's barely the end of the first week.

Waking up? Yoga helps ☺

So, there you have it in a nutshell. Wanted me too elaborate? Yeah, me too! So here's my other thoughts on the day, if it's too much for you just skip to the end and check off what you thought!!
When I walked it the school, I'd thought it'd be like WOW. Throughout the day, I just thought I'd be surprised with every turn of the hallway and it'd be like I walked into a movie with every class. But it wasn't. It was like, Oh, wow! I'm here... . But I guess that's just me expecting too much out of everything like normal. My friend Steven said, "What do you expect? People to start dancing and singing in the hallways like High School Musical?" No. But, admittedly, I tried that! Just to spice up my day I guess. My friend started singing "Good Morning Baltimore" and there you have it: me singing the chorus on my way to English hoping that was the mixing ingredient. I don't know what I want, but I know I want it, y'know? Ha, I make no sense. But hopefully, what ever it is that is "missing" I will find soon! I keep telling myself that a lot can change in a year, and well, a lot can!

As for the people, I sometimes wanna throw up. I know it just sounds like and angsty teen but I really wanna get out of this town! I can't believe I just said that, but I did. Whenever I see my friends Facebook statuses as "Get mee outta heerre!" or "God I hateee this town" I just make mine as "I know it sometimes can stink, but you only have four more years so make the most of it! You're gonna miss it later on". That's all very well and true, but sitting in art today inside I was screaming GET ME OUT. Not just because of that class (again, another story) but because I was starting to wonder if I'll ever meet people that I just know I wanna hang out with, people that I don't have to worry about this or that with, people that I know won't find me weird or say: Oh you're so artsy and different! (which is nice to here, but I'm really not that different!). Okay, maybe that's a lie. I have good friends, I don't know what I'd do without mine, and I would love new people in my life, but friend-wise I'm at a very good place! Maybe I'm avoiding something. Yeah, I am. I really don't know if I wanna mention it though. I'm totally unsure. You know what I'm talking about. It starts with a B, and I think that's what I keep looking for but turn up with Eminem tracks, flat rim Mets hats, Nike sneakers, and Playboy magazines. But, like I keep hoping and praying...

A lot can change in a year.

Song stuck in my head today: "Chicken Fried" by the Zac Brown Band

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Time To Start FRESH

You take a deep breath

And you walk through the doors

It's the mornin' of your very first day

You say hi to your friends you ain't seen in a while

And try to stay out of everybody's way

It's your freshman year

And you're gonna be here for the next four years

In this town

Hopin' one of those senior boys

Will wink at you and say you know I have'nt seen you around before

High school seems like SUCH a big deal. I guess it is. Just now that it's here, I'm starting to wonder why. Some of my friends in high school don't think much of it, but maybe they're just playing that "I'm a too cool teen" card. But some say it's the best four years of your life, so I'm thinking well what if I just so happen to mess those four years up?! I mean, what makes them sooo great anyways? Time will tell....

Am I nervous? Yes. I'm nervous that the upperclassman will be mean, I'm nervous that I'll have trouble finding my classes, I'm nervous my teachers will pile me with homework, and I'll only get worse with my soccer skills. I know this can't all happen, but still, fear is fear. It's there.

So I hope you're school year starts well! Wish me luck ♥

Song stuck in my head today: "Fifteen" by Taylor Swift

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Life's Just One Big To Do List

there's 104 days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end it
so the annual problem for our generation
is finding a good way to spend it...
If you read my other post about the summer ending, you know that I expected more out of this summer. And that's my fault. This Labor Day weekend, I felt like summer was just beginning, and yet I had to watch it slip right out of my fingers. I finally realized what I wanted to fill my long hot days with. So I made yet another list. A list of what I plan to do next summer. Yes, this defies my whole "live in the moment" philosophy, but if I don't write it down I'll just be repeating this next year. So, with that being said, it's time to reflect on the summer of 2010! As school starts tomorrow, think of the things you've done. Look back at your summer pictures, and read your journals. Show yourself that you actually did stuff this summer! Wheter it was what you wanted to do or not. Then, if you want, make a list like I did and put it away. Not somewhere where you'll forget about it, but somewhere where it won't be a constant reminder that you didn't get things done (although that might be a good motivation...!). Take it out next summer and DO. DO what it says, DO other things too and have the best summer ever!!! Here's some pictures from my summer ☺

my friends and myself at camp

my friends at camp dressed as superheroes!

my friends and me at camp again! (pay no attention to the lady behind us, hahaa)

2nd grade music class at camp

me on the boat tour of NYC, gah we felt like such tourists!

me wearing these cool Obama glasses i found in Chinatown!

my closest encounter with the Statue of Liberty. pretty amazing.

me and my best friend Jake, about to jump off into the bay

this has to be one of my favorite summer memories: picking berries in the rain with my cousins

my cousins and I fooling around in the bay ☺


my friend Paige and me next to our snowman! (yes- somehow thanks to the universe we made a snowman in the middle of August)

me trying my best not to get shocked by the wire!


my new friends down the block!

Wow. Posting all these pictures made me feel great. I actually did a lot of things this summer! And let us not forget my week stay in Iceland this July! I feel ashamed that I said I didn't do anything this summer.

Well, I hope you had a good summer and if you didn't, try to make the next one the best! For now, enjoy fall. I know I will! (Fact: it's my favorite season)

Song stuck in my head today: "Angel Dance" by Robert Plant

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Tryouts: Day #5 (we can skip 4!)

"How do YOU think you did?"
It's like a staredown. My whole face is shaking, as I'm trying to make the awkward eye contact with the Varsity soccer coach. I don't know what to do, so I just sit there hoping they don't notice the twitching in my eye, why am I shaking?!
"I think I did good, I'm just proud of myself in the end. I'm glad knowing I tried."
A smile comes across my face to show I am genuinely proud of myself. I didn't just say that because we basically rehearsed it yesterday. A smile spreads across her face too,
"That's great! It really shows your confidence. You should be proud."
More smiling. Should I be smiling?? I'm still not informed here: did I make it or what?! Just tell me!
"Thank you."
"We're going to keep you on JV."
Whoosh! I'm still shaking, but now it's because I'm fighting the urge to get up and dance. Thank God! This week really was worth it after all.

I won't bother telling you the rest. I didn't want to hear it, I wanted to leave and tell my friends! So you don't want to hear them ramble on about my grest work ethic and lack of technical skills either. Point is:

I made it.

Armed with a frozen bottle of Gatorade and plenty of ice and band-aids, I made it.

JV, that is.

It feels so good! It's like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Hell week is over, and we can go on living life! I'm so happy I made it and I really hope this season is good. Even though I know the coach (from what I heard) isn't the best, I really hope I improve. Already though, I can see the thoughts being processed by everyone. Varsity. There it goes again! It's like someones playing it on a constant loop inside your head. I can tell people want to move on to the next thing, and that's a year away! I think sometimes we really need to take things day by day, so don't worry if you make it next year. Worry about this year.

This is what I felt like for that spilt second. Just relief, y'know?

So yeah! Haha, I made it. That's basically it. ☺

Song stuck in my head today: ...

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to Basics: A Flower List Update

What were your feelings about this past summer?

0% said Best one yet!!!! OMG, it was amazing!
16% said It was good (:
16% said Eh, okay.
16% said So bad! :(
50% said Fine, but I really wanted it to be amazing. Next year...!
Wow. I say "past summer" like everyone has gotten their Christmas presents, and in reality, school starts in just a week. The summer is still here! Old and tan-fading, but here.

So, it seems like most of you agree with me! (If I voted- fact! I don't vote on my own polls- I would've picked the last choice). I always set high expectations for myself, and I just had a good feeling about this year I guess. Not to say my summer was bad, because it wasn't! It just wasn't what I expected. And that's fine, because that's reality. As the summer comes to a close, enjoy it! Fit in those last beachy days, have one final BBQ bash and don't think about the school supplies in the corner of your room for one darn second! Soak in some sun and make it last. Keep it in a little part of you heart, and save it for next year. Which, hopefully can be better than this years!

I ♥ this pic! What do you think?
Song stuck in my head today: Hasn't arrived yet.
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Tryouts: Day #3

With the heat, and my lack of skills it's hard to say if I'll make it or not. I have no idea at all.

And that word keeps ringing in my ear.

Varsity, Varsity, Varsity, Varsity, Varsity!

I know I will not make Varsity. I just know. I'd be very happy if I made JV but it makes me wonder why they even have two teams. Why?! Is there even a point of being on JV? The girls I'm trying out with (the older ones) say they don't do anything on JV, the practices are a lotttt easier than the hell week we're going through now. But I ask you- what's the point?! Do the coaches feel like sticking us on a team saying, "Here you don't have enough heart, soul, and physical strength to be REALLY good but we'll still give you a shot."?

But, it's better than nothing.

Anything is better than nothing. Trying out is and not making it is better than sitting on your couch eating Pop Tarts watching the Today show for four hours every morning instead of spending that time pushing yourself. Making JV and being able to say that you got that far is better than spending your first school semester wishing you tried.

I should know if I make a team by tomorrow or Friday.... so obviously I'll keep you posted!! Good luck in your endeavours!

Song stuck in my head today: Nada. I've been without a song a lot lately... :(

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