Friday, April 15, 2011

Turn off your phone.

God, I need to get away. Spring break is here and I'm going out east (whoop!) for the weekend. Yeah, it's only been maybe two weeks since I've been to good ol' Jamesport but I need it, badly. It's like magic. Every time I go to Jamesport, my phone dies. It just always works out that way, and I couldn't be happier when it does. I don't bring my charger and I just let the little monster have a break for a while.

Even though I do use my phone a lot, I hate texting in the end. I really shouldn't use it as much as I do. Things get misconstrued, misread, misinterpreted. And I get hung up on little texts than I actually do when I'm having a conversation with that person in real life, because there's no time then to dwell over what you're going to say to them. No long periods of rest where you can think about what you're going to tell them, and do it perfectly. So I end up stressing over little things that don't even matter!

It's worse when you're texting someone you like. With someone you like you might tell them things over text that you might not tell them to their face because you're too nervous to talk to them and that makes me feel like a coward. I hate when I do that. I try not to, and I really try not to text you as much as I do. It's making me feel pathetic.

So, I'm happy to just get away this weekend from my town for a bit and I will be leaving my phone alone! If someone really needs to talk to me, they'll make the effort to reach me some other way, but for now I'm going to try and see if I can not text anyone this whole break just to purely chat.

Song stuck in my head today: :)

Keep on keepin' on,


Monday, April 11, 2011

These past few months.

These past few months have been the most hectic ever. Between failing every subject basically one week, and then becoming a genius in a matter of days, my production of Once Upon a Mattress ending while I tried to start getting ready for spring track: I was a mess.

My musical was a little less then a month ago. Oh gosh, what I learned from that experience. It made me realize plenty of things.


It's like the sequel to the Sandlot, it just isn't as good. Last year, in 8th grade, I had a truly amazing experience in my school's drama club. Everything just added up to this formula for a great success. I was friends with everyone, the director had everything under control, the stage crew teacher was one of the coolest men on this planet, the play was a bit obscure and it was a learning process getting accustomed to it that made for great memories! So basically, I walked into this new experience, in a totally different school, with totally different people all in a completely different musical expecting it to be the same. And it wasn't. Which, is partially my fault. I can't just sit back and let whatever magic happened last time, just magically appear all over again. If you want something to be enjoyable, you make it enjoyable. And, for the most part I didn't. So I really didn't like some of the people, well that doesn't mean I sit and complain and talk about how I'd rather be at track. So I really hated staying at school until nine at night, well that doesn't mean I sit and complain and talk about how I'd rather be at track. So people were mean and my costume was horrendously funny, well that doesn't mean I sit and complain and talk about how I'd rather be at track.

Do you see a pattern?


When drama ended a lot of seniors (and even some lower classmen) made speeches about how drama is the best two/three months of their lives. How the relationships they've made will last for years after they graduate and how they just can't even describe the joy they get from coming here. And while the speeches moved me and on certain aspects I did agree with them, I kept on thinking of track while they rambled on and on about drama. And how every word they said was how I felt about track. I love going to practice, I love the people, I love the crazy situations we get into, I love running, I love the coaches, I love weight room conversations, I love playing potato chips in the lobby looking like an idiot, I love the stupid things we come up with, I love beating myself at meets, I love loving track. That's it. And I'm so happy I'm back. :)

Me today running my 100 :)

** Drama isn't all the hell-hole I portrayed it to be these past couple months, yes it made me threaten to kill myself multiple times a day I'd say but in the end, a show is a show. And if you get joy out of putting it on, it was worth it. And I did I love putting on the show and I definitely don't regret my decision on auditioning. Will I do it next year? Only time will tell, but as of now I don't hate drama, even though you might think I do. :) Song stuck in my head today: "Song of Love" from Once Upon a Mattress :P Keep on keepin' on, Madison

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A day.

Every morning when we wake up is a miracle. You should get out of bed a scream, "hallelujah!" and go out and live your life to the fullest. But life isn't a hallmark card, and odds are you won't go out there and do that. Odds are you'll wake up too early, cursing your alarm clock and try the best to muster up the energy to get out of bed and open your eyes. And sometimes, when you do approach your day in the right way: with open arms, a positive energy and a plan (or no plan!) things don't always go your way.
But you can't get stupid things get in the way of achieving what you want. Think of what you can do in a day. In a day you can save someones life, write a song that will inspire someone, cook a meal for your family, have a photoshoot, tell that certain someone how you really feel, make memories, ace that chemistry test, PR in your race, audition for a movie. WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES!

So wheter your day consists of a mechanical school day, that just seems like lather, rinse, repeat or your day is hectic and crazy and always challenging or maybe you're able to lay around in your room all day find some way to spice it up! Add your own touch, and make it so you can look back and say 'that made my day' or 'what a great day'! Make it so when someone asks you "how was your day?" you don't just smile and say, "good", you have a story to tell.

Song stuck in my head today: "Both Sides, Now" by Joni Mitchell

Keep on keepin' on,