Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sometimes people have to be left out

In about 6 months I'm going to turn 16- scary I know.

My mom said we should decide if I'm having a party or not by the end of the summer, because if we are we need to start booking and getting prepared.

At first I was all gung-ho for this party, I thought it seemed like a great idea! I get to wear an amazing gown, I get to dance the night away with all my friends and family, eat my favorite foods, have everyone 'ooh' and 'awww' at my montage, make a playlist of music for my DJ. But then my parents informed me there's be a change of plans and a party is no longer in the future because we're going to Florida next April on a big trip with lots of relatives.

At first I was upset, I thought the party seemed like the easiest way to celebrate, you didn't have to think of anything besides a theme or what dress you were going to wear, but I realized (or rather my pointed it out to me) the reason why I was starting to love the idea of a party, when a few months ago I said I didn't care for a big bash, was because this way I didn't have to leave anyone out. I could invite everyone. Even those people that secretly I think are so fucking annoying, but I'm obliged to be friends with them. We all have those people, and I thought having a big party would be the easiest way to not have to deal with there "Why aren't I invited?! I thought we were close!", and even those awkward in-the-middle-friends. Where you're close, but you've only hung out a few times so you're unsure if you'd invite them to a small party or not.

But sometimes you have to step back, and just surround yourself with people you truly want to be with. I know you should always be kind, and I'm not saying that you have to rudely stop talking to them forever or something, but give them a hint. Let them down kindly.

Now I'm doing something smaller- but just as fun! - for my birthday. What yet, I do not know. But I'll probably go to the city with a couple friends and do something fun. I know once January rolls around I'm going to have to answer peoples nagging questions of, "Why was I not invited?". But sometime or another we all have to be the bearer of bad news.

Song stuck in my head today: "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall" by Coldplay

Keep on keepin' on,


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Don't lead me on, don't.

It's easy to tell little white lies, even straight to someones face. It's so easy. But one thing I won't lie about is how people make me feel.

If you're annoying me, I'll let you know. I'm not gonna be able to tolerate you for to long, you're going to notice me distancing myself, so how could you say all these lovely things to me? How could you say it sucked that I was leaving you. Over, and over again. How could you lead me on like that, then drop me dry?

How could you.

Every day since we met I've thought of you, and now I swear, people will laugh in my face if I told them I knew you. If I told them I spent 3, outstanding days with you. Told them how you complimented me, how you wanted to know more about me. How upset you were when I left. Told them all about you- they would say I made it up.

But, you did teach me a lesson. Quite a few I guess. So, you didn't fuck it up that much- kinda.

Song stuck in my head today: "I Do" by Colbie Caillat

Keep on keepin' on,


Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Flower List #23: Go to a Midnight Premiere of a Movie

Whoohoo! Another thing down on the list.

Thursday night, I lined up with a bunch of my family members and their friends to see Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2. We dressed up, saw some crazy fans and just had SO much fun. It was amazing, just the whole atmosphere. I wanted to stay there forever!

I won't say anything about the movie, for those of you that haven't seen it. But I cried, and cried, and laughed, then cried some more. It was insane.

Me and my cousin Emily, (I'm on the right!).

Going to a midnight movie is definitely exciting and fun, but I think you'll enjoy it more if you're a true fan of whatever you're going to see! Like even though I read and enjoy the Twilight series, I don't think I'd go and see Breaking Dawn at midnight because I'm not CRAZY about it. Hopefully something else will capture my heart like Harry Potter, but until then, and forever always- long lived The Boy Who Lives!

Song stuck in my head today:.....

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I'm running today to free my mind from you. I can't get you out of my head, and it's sorta unhealthy at this point. I've been there with other guys and I really don't enjoy it. You seemed to feel the same way but now suddenly you won't answer me? You won't inbox me back, you have made no attempts to stay in touch when just the other night you were telling me how much you'd miss me?

Each mile is for the times you should've tried to talk to me...

Each mile is for the hours I spent waiting for that reply, that gesture, that thing that would let me know that these past 3 days weren't out of a movie. That this was real and it would stay this way.

When I come back from my run, there better be a text from you. If there's not....

Song stuck in my head today: Every song I heard when I was with you.

Keep on keepin' on,


Monday, July 4, 2011

Back to Basics: A Flower List Update

So, it's been a while! How are you?

0% said Great! :)

25% said Eh. Been better.

25% said AMAZING.

0% said Pretty good.

0% said Tired.

50% said Hunnnngggrrryy

0% said :'(

0% said ♥

Well how I have been?

Away. Again. I'm sorry!!! My computer got ANOTHER virus and I swear I didn't start this one!!!!

But I have a lot to share, I've kept most of my promise! I've been busy, I've had fun, let loose, lived. But this is only the beginning my friends and I hope it gets a hell of a lot better.

Song stuck in my head today: "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People (I'm married to the drummer-BTW)

Keep on keepin' on,


Friday, June 10, 2011

Freshman year

School ended for me yesterday, and just like when other things have ended, I come here to reflect on it.

I cannot, cannot, cannot, CANNOT, believe that was my freshman year- and it's over. 25% of high school, done. Just like that.

When I was younger I thought about me being 15. I thought, 'That's such a weird age!'. 15. You're older than 13 but not 16 and wow, you're just old. Yeah, I feel old. But not in a good way. When I thought about being older when I was younger, I imagined myself having an amazing boyfriend, having all these adventures, and, I don't know, just teenage moments! And they've happened, but are a rarity.

When I relfected on my summer last year, it helped change my perspective when I blogged photos of it. I hadn't realized all I'd done! So here are some pictures of my first year as a high schooler, let's see what went down...

When I thought I was a badass being on the roof of my school during orientation ;)
One of the best days this year!
Halloween 2010- 1st shaving cream fight with these amazing kids!
Halloween 2010- Dressing up as Reptar
JV Soccer 2010!! Gonna miss you all next season :(
Seeing We The Kings live! :D
Turning 15- And spending it with my best friend ever!

Meeting Kuds in drama :) Oh, and wearing that lovely dress! Ha DRAMA 2010-2011♥

Talking to strange old men.

Seeing American Idiot on Broadway!

Kiera's Sweet 16 :)

Track tan time!

Re-uniting with Jennie and meeting kids in the park.

Lockdown at a track meet!

Running a random 'senior only' 100m relay last second!

Handing out water at a 10k waterstop with Kiera :)

Face-to-face conversations and Emily's Cinco de Mayo Sweet 16!

SCIENCE PD. 7 &8 ♥


So, like always, turned out I did do a lot! And had a lot of fun while doing it. I love looking back on things because it forces you to remember what a great life you really do have and all the memories you've created, but might've forgotten! I have to say the highlight of my year had to have been track, I'm so grateful I had all the experiences it has given me this year and I'm too excited for the years to come. :)

Song stuck in my head today: BLEH

Keep on keepin' on,


Monday, June 6, 2011

My Life Is Slowly Slipping Away.

As you know*, I cry easily.

And I came close to wailing listening to "100 Years" today.

Finally, I found something to write about.

*(you should)

I'm 15 for a moment

Caught in between 10 and 20

And I'm just dreaming

Counting the ways to where you are

I'm 22 for a moment

She feels better than ever

And we're on fire

Making our way back from Mars

15 there's still time for you

Time to buy and time to lose

15, there's never a wish better than this

When you only got 100 years to live

I'm 33 for a moment

Still the man, but you see I'm a they

A kid on the way

A family on my mind

I'm 45 for a moment

The sea is high

And I'm heading into a crisis

Chasing the years of my life

15 there's still time for you

Time to buy, Time to lose yourself

Within a morning star

15 I'm all right with you

15 there's never a wish better than this

When you only got 100 years to live

Half time goes by

Suddenly you’re wise

Another blink of an eye

67 is gone

The sun is getting high

We're moving on...

I'm 99 for a moment

Dying for just another moment

And I'm just dreaming

Counting the ways to where you are

15 there's still time for you

22 I feel her too

33 you’re on your way

Every day's a new day...

15 there's still time for you

Time to buy and time to choose

Hey 15, there's never a wish better than this

When you only got 100 years to live

I have nothing to show for my life, people at the age of 15 have broken records, saved lives, won awards, created charities, started a movement! And while I'm content with my life, and I should be, it's hard not to wonder what I could be doing right, or wrong.

What if I die tomorrow.

I would've died without going to London, without having a baby, without taking a photo class, without being on a ferris wheel, without seeing my sisters grow up, without being a senior, with kissing you.

So why is it so damn hard for me to do what I want?! People always say "live as if today was your last!" "carpe diem!" "live life without regrets!", so when will that truly happen for me. I know it's my fault for not doing it. Whatever it may be.

So, here's my challenge for myself, if I better come back here in the beginning of Septemeber with stories to tell, things to say, and pictures to back it up with! I will do things I've always wanted to do, fill up my day with things better than sitting around watching Mob Wives and being on tumblr. I will chase my dreams and have a talk with a certain boy that is long overdue. I must, I have to.

And I will you tell you guys everything! No more randomly leaving the blog- unless I'm just having that much fun LIVING!

Song stuck in my head today: click above!!

Keep on keepin' on,


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just thought I'd catch everyone up on what I've been up to lately....

Though I spend (... waste) a lot of time on the computer, I haven't gotten around to blogging lately. Some theories why:

I'm too damned busy

With track just wrapping up last week (I made it to counties! :D), I find just enough time to check my Facebook, stumble around weheartit, read the blogs I follow here on Blogger, and check out my dashboard on tumblr.

I have nothing (or too much) to write about

I'm sorta at a loss for words when I sit down in front of a computer, and I'm trying to figure out if it's because I don't have anything to say, I keep forgetting everything I want to say, or the things I write about isn't what I really want to write about.

Like I said, track ended as of recent, and that's sort of been taking over my life! But summer's only weeks away so hopefully I'll have more spare time and be more inspired. :)

Fingers crossed.

Keep on keepin' on,


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Back to Basics: A Flower List Update

Do you smoke cigarettes?

0% said Yes.

20% said No.

0% said Sometimes.

80% said Never have I or will I.

0% said I've tried them

0% said I've thought about it.


I'm trying to quit.

We live in a world where the dangers of smoking are known- and they're loud and clear. There's surgeon general's warnings on all cigarette and tobacco products (just like the ones on alcoholic drinks), there's anti-smoking campaigns, and often - especially here in NY - you could be watching American Idol and while you're making yourself a sundae in between songs a commercial of a pair of pitch black lungs will pop on the screen and stare you down for a minute.

Me, I don't smoke. I don't see the appeal. I'm positive I've told you guys this before- I don't smoke or alcohol. It's just my belief. I don't freak when others smoke/drink in front of me. It's my body and I decide what goes in it.

And that's the thing. It's YOUR body. YOU decide. So is it right for me to criticize those who make a choice to do that onto themselves? My aunt's been a smoker forever, and it really gets to me. We're super close and I don't want to lose her. So every time she takes that pack of cancer sticks out of her purse, World War III may or may not ensue. But recently, I've been rethinking my standpoint.

A couple good friends of mine are close with this guy that started smoking weed recently. It wasn't a big deal to him, so he didn't really tell them explicitly that he had been doing it. He made a couple comments, but they thought he was joking. When they found out that he wasn't, my friends had mixed opinions. Most of them didn't really care too much. They didn't see him being effected by it (yet anyways, they said), and they said it was his choice- so why should they get crazy and intervene? A handful of them were pissed at first, but after a day or two didn't care too much either. But one of my friends, the one I'm closest with out of the bunch, was rabid. He was angry. I actually am not sure if I'm seen him angrier. For a good couple of weeks he completely dropped his best friend. Cold turkey, just like that.

When I heard about this half of me was like, "You go! You tell him! Stupid pothead, he's not worth your time" but then half of me was thinking, "What?! You're not friends? Just like that? A whole friendship done over a leaf? At least talk it out." And they did talk it out. There wasn't much to say, but now they're back on talking terms.

So it's been making me think... should I be able to tell people what to do? Not really. But then again, I've seen drugs destroy so many lives. Isn't it my responsibility to protect my friends, loved ones, and just anyone in general?! I just don't know.

Song stuck in my head today: "Sydney, I'll Come Running" by Brett Dennen

Keep on keepin' on,


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So how does one review FIVE Glee episodes in one blog post? Like this.

Episode: "Original Song"

Best song(s): "Misery", "Blackbird", "Hell to the No", "Raise Your Glass", "Get It Right" and "Loser Like Me". They were all SO good I couldn't pick one!

Favorite Quote: "You took away my Cheerios. Continue this the opening salvo of World War Sue." - Sue

Part that made me smile: When the glee club 'slushied' the audience at Regionals!

Part that made me frown: The outfits the girls were wearing at Regionals....?

Drama: Bottom line- Quinn sucks.

Episode: "A Night of Neglect"
Best Song(s): "Bubble Toes" - Jack Johnson + Mike Chang's dancing = heaven

Favorite Quote: “I’m sure you’re wondering why I called you all together here in the dead of night when I’m normally out bow-hunting for hobos.” - Sue
Part that made me smile: The return of once glee club director, Sandy Jenkins.

Part that made me frown: How Sunshine really didn't show up to the Night of Neglect.

Drama: Why is Terri back on the show? What does this mean?!

Episode: "Born This Way"

Best song(s): "I Feel Pretty / Unpretty", "I've Gotta Be Me", "Somewhere Only We Know", "As If We Never Said Goodbye", "Barbra Streisand"and "Born This Way". THEY WERE ALL SO GOOD! (:

Favorite Quote: "The only straight I am is straight up bitch." - Santana

Part that made me smile: Brittany's 'lebaneese' shirt.

Part that made me frown: How everyone hated something about themselves.

Drama: Quinn's past life was a little too much.

Episode: "Rumours"

Best song(s): "Don't Stop"

Favorite Quote: "My all white production of The Wiz was a disaster." - April

Part that made me smile: Kristen Chenoweth's return as April!

Part that made me frown: How upset Artie was over Brittany.

Drama: Hopefully Sam's family will rebound soon!

Episode: "Prom Queen"

Best song(s): "Rolling in the Deep", "Isn't She Lovely"and "Friday" - I gasped when I heard Jesse singing in "Rolling in the Deep", Artie was so lovely in his solo song, and "Friday" was AMAZING. I couldn't stop laughing!

Favorite Quote: "I understand that cupcakes are really trendy right now. And I know that the making of a foie gras might be a little morose, but I would at least like to graduate high school knowing how to make some kind of pate." - Kurt

Part that made me smile: Finn's fight with Jesse, I loved to see that he truly cares for her and is jealous of Jesse!

Part that made me frown: How Karofsky wouldn't dance with Kurt.

Drama: Quinn needs to leave. Must I say it again?

Song stuck in my head today: YouTube any of the above! I'm too tired!

Keep on keepin' on,


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'M BACK?!....

So, I'm back guys! I don't know if there's any of you readers left out there, but I'm coming back and I will be here for you again! :)

I guess I've done this before- left without notifying you -and for this time, it was for rather long! A little over a month... and boy do I feel shitty.

Why did I ever leave you guys? I just became sooo busy with stupid stuff and I'M SORRY. If anything it made me realize how much I need to write, because lately I've just being having too much thoughts going on emotionally and I have to update you guys on tons of stuff....

SO stay tuned while I get some things in order, draft up some posts, and check where I left off with things. I love you all and please stop by real soon!

Song stuck in my head today: "Holiday" by the cast of American Idiot

Keep on keepin' on,


Friday, April 15, 2011

Turn off your phone.

God, I need to get away. Spring break is here and I'm going out east (whoop!) for the weekend. Yeah, it's only been maybe two weeks since I've been to good ol' Jamesport but I need it, badly. It's like magic. Every time I go to Jamesport, my phone dies. It just always works out that way, and I couldn't be happier when it does. I don't bring my charger and I just let the little monster have a break for a while.

Even though I do use my phone a lot, I hate texting in the end. I really shouldn't use it as much as I do. Things get misconstrued, misread, misinterpreted. And I get hung up on little texts than I actually do when I'm having a conversation with that person in real life, because there's no time then to dwell over what you're going to say to them. No long periods of rest where you can think about what you're going to tell them, and do it perfectly. So I end up stressing over little things that don't even matter!

It's worse when you're texting someone you like. With someone you like you might tell them things over text that you might not tell them to their face because you're too nervous to talk to them and that makes me feel like a coward. I hate when I do that. I try not to, and I really try not to text you as much as I do. It's making me feel pathetic.

So, I'm happy to just get away this weekend from my town for a bit and I will be leaving my phone alone! If someone really needs to talk to me, they'll make the effort to reach me some other way, but for now I'm going to try and see if I can not text anyone this whole break just to purely chat.

Song stuck in my head today: :)

Keep on keepin' on,


Monday, April 11, 2011

These past few months.

These past few months have been the most hectic ever. Between failing every subject basically one week, and then becoming a genius in a matter of days, my production of Once Upon a Mattress ending while I tried to start getting ready for spring track: I was a mess.

My musical was a little less then a month ago. Oh gosh, what I learned from that experience. It made me realize plenty of things.


It's like the sequel to the Sandlot, it just isn't as good. Last year, in 8th grade, I had a truly amazing experience in my school's drama club. Everything just added up to this formula for a great success. I was friends with everyone, the director had everything under control, the stage crew teacher was one of the coolest men on this planet, the play was a bit obscure and it was a learning process getting accustomed to it that made for great memories! So basically, I walked into this new experience, in a totally different school, with totally different people all in a completely different musical expecting it to be the same. And it wasn't. Which, is partially my fault. I can't just sit back and let whatever magic happened last time, just magically appear all over again. If you want something to be enjoyable, you make it enjoyable. And, for the most part I didn't. So I really didn't like some of the people, well that doesn't mean I sit and complain and talk about how I'd rather be at track. So I really hated staying at school until nine at night, well that doesn't mean I sit and complain and talk about how I'd rather be at track. So people were mean and my costume was horrendously funny, well that doesn't mean I sit and complain and talk about how I'd rather be at track.

Do you see a pattern?


When drama ended a lot of seniors (and even some lower classmen) made speeches about how drama is the best two/three months of their lives. How the relationships they've made will last for years after they graduate and how they just can't even describe the joy they get from coming here. And while the speeches moved me and on certain aspects I did agree with them, I kept on thinking of track while they rambled on and on about drama. And how every word they said was how I felt about track. I love going to practice, I love the people, I love the crazy situations we get into, I love running, I love the coaches, I love weight room conversations, I love playing potato chips in the lobby looking like an idiot, I love the stupid things we come up with, I love beating myself at meets, I love loving track. That's it. And I'm so happy I'm back. :)

Me today running my 100 :)

** Drama isn't all the hell-hole I portrayed it to be these past couple months, yes it made me threaten to kill myself multiple times a day I'd say but in the end, a show is a show. And if you get joy out of putting it on, it was worth it. And I did I love putting on the show and I definitely don't regret my decision on auditioning. Will I do it next year? Only time will tell, but as of now I don't hate drama, even though you might think I do. :) Song stuck in my head today: "Song of Love" from Once Upon a Mattress :P Keep on keepin' on, Madison

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A day.

Every morning when we wake up is a miracle. You should get out of bed a scream, "hallelujah!" and go out and live your life to the fullest. But life isn't a hallmark card, and odds are you won't go out there and do that. Odds are you'll wake up too early, cursing your alarm clock and try the best to muster up the energy to get out of bed and open your eyes. And sometimes, when you do approach your day in the right way: with open arms, a positive energy and a plan (or no plan!) things don't always go your way.
But you can't get stupid things get in the way of achieving what you want. Think of what you can do in a day. In a day you can save someones life, write a song that will inspire someone, cook a meal for your family, have a photoshoot, tell that certain someone how you really feel, make memories, ace that chemistry test, PR in your race, audition for a movie. WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES!

So wheter your day consists of a mechanical school day, that just seems like lather, rinse, repeat or your day is hectic and crazy and always challenging or maybe you're able to lay around in your room all day find some way to spice it up! Add your own touch, and make it so you can look back and say 'that made my day' or 'what a great day'! Make it so when someone asks you "how was your day?" you don't just smile and say, "good", you have a story to tell.

Song stuck in my head today: "Both Sides, Now" by Joni Mitchell

Keep on keepin' on,


Thursday, March 31, 2011

The One.

I think you know you've found 'the one' when you know everything about them. You know how they react to things, every little movement they could possibly have made is etched into your mind. I think you know you've found 'the one' when you can have a good time with them anywhere and everywhere. Wheter you're at home, work, school, movies, supermarket, a parking lot whatever! I think you know you've found 'the one' when they treat you the same in every situation. Where you know they're there for you and love you if you're with your friends, their friends, your family, their family, strangers, colleagues, fellow employees. Even if you're a complete embarrassment to them in front of people they desperately want to impress, they won't give up on you. They love you just they way you are. Song stuck in my head today: "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes Keep on keepin' on, Madison

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Recently, I got a hair cut. I have this sort of 'hair cut cycle'. At first I'm extremely reluctant to get my hair cut and I really don't see the point of it? I mean if you don't give a crap about (what I still don't understand) your spilt ends then why bother?! So every time around I'll fight my mom on the subject and one way or another I'll end up in the black upholstered chair down the street with my head leaned back into a sink. The lady will -always- make a comment about my hair, normally about how thick it is. This time I got, "Well that was my workout for the day! How do you ever blow dry it?". :) Then I'll sit there with my little frown and wince with every snip of my locks. And after all of this, I'll be happy and I'll realize how I like having my hair shorter just as much. I think having my hair long is a comfort zone. It's easy to just run out of the house with it that way and it's just natural to me. My cousin always gets something different every time she gets her hair cut, wheter it's super short or leaving it super long, getting crazy layers, or her latest: blunt bangs, she's always switching it up. See, sometimes I wish I could do that but I'm always content with my crazy mane and layers they way they are and always will be.
"Almost cut my hair, it happened just the other day. It's getting' kinda long, I coulda said it was in my way."

- "Almost Cut My Hair" Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Song stuck in my head today: click above! ^

Keep on keepin' on,


Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's your name?

"It was the first time she had ever called me by my name. Of course she did this purposefully and knew that I should treasure it up."
~ Pip, Great Expectations
(Yup, I'm the loser that quotes Great Expectations the book I have to read for english.)

Names. My thoughts on names:
1.)First off, I notice the first time someone calls me "Maddie". Sometimes it'll freak people out, the new friend I made will greet my with a big "Maddie!!" and I'll stop and go, "You just called me Maddie for the first time!". Then I just get this stare, and a laugh. I guess I realize this because it shows that someone thinks they're close to me when they call me Maddie. When people who aren't close with my call my that it's just... creepy.
2.) I hate when people write one of my many nicknames as Maddi. Or Madi. I just don't like it. There's only two people who can spell it like that, my best friend and his mom. Other than that you will be corrected. Maddie, Maddy even Maddey if you really want to be creative!
3.) Isn't it weird that we don't pick our names? It's the only thing we come with into this life, and it's basically the only thing we have for the rest of it that is truly ours. But really not, because we had no say in it. I think your name is your first test. It's your first situation where the world has given you something and you just have to make do with it. Lots of times that happens in life and you just gotta suck it up and take what this crazy ride throws at you. I don't think you should go out and change your name. It's something you were given, something to live up to, it's like the skin on your bones and it should and will always be with you wheter you like it or not.
4.) Naming a baby is such a weird experience. What if you give your baby this extremely amazing name, like Athena or something. Something big, or something different and unique and it they don't live up to it. What if you have a boy and name them Drizzle and they end up being a fat plumber or something... I don't know! Haha I mean when you hear a name before seeing a person's face you just get this image in your head and some people just do not match up to their names.
5.) My friends always make fun of my because I love 'weird' baby names. Eh, yeah it's true I guess but I think these names are gorgeous: Gemma, Brooklyn, Meadow.......
6.) We've talked about this before but, I love it when you say my name. Love it. :)

Song stuck in my head today: IDK AMERICAN IDOLS ON GOTTA JET!
Keep on keepin' on,

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This big thick-headed jerk said an extremely idiotic comment aimed at one of my good friends today. No one else picked up on it beside me and his Crabbe and Goyle-esque cronies. I lost my chance to flip out on him, but trust me if timing was on my side some bad stuff would've went down. This guy was so stupid.

When I got in my best friend's car I just completely lashed out to him and his mom about what I heard and she really calmed me down explaining it wasn't worth my time. And it wasn't. And sometimes you just have to let certain things brush off your shoulders. Some people just aren't worth your time and attention.

When you overhear something like I did or are put in a similar situation sometimes the best thing is just to roll your eyes, picture yourself socking the person square in the face and walk away. Yeah it's best to correct this person so maybe they'll think twice about what they say/do but sometimes after your opportunity has passed it'll be worse to drag things out again.

Sometimes you just gotta...


Song stuck in my head today: "Run-around" by Blues Traveler

Keep on keepin' on,


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back to Basics: A Flower List Update

Have you been watching American Idol this season?

14% said Never watch it.
0% said What's that?
42% said A little bit :)
14% said YES! Love it!
0% said No, ew I hate that show.
28% said Just the auditions!
SO, this season of AI has actually been incredible. Yes, they say it every year that this is the best talent they've season but I truly think season 10 is the best of the best. The talent it unmatched to any previous contestants and a few of these singers are in a complete league of their own. Even the judges are great! I was really nervous to see how Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez would fare, but I'm in love with Steven Tyler and Jennifer's constant indifference is so genuine and pure! Normally I'll watch just the auditions and then try if I can to keep watching the rest of the season. This year though I'm really trying to make sure I'm home to watch it!

If you've been watching the show you might be familiar with someone who made it to the Top 24, and was an early favorite despite being cast off the first week, Robbie Rosen. Robbie comes from a town extremely close to mine so the buzz about him being on the show had been going on for a while and their was just this aura of excitement every Wednesday and Thursday night. His high school had viewing parties and he was on the cover of our newspaper and on every local news channel. I've heard how good Robbie is before he auditioned for AI even. He added me on Facebook since we live close and he's trying to get his music out. Definitely YouTube him if you want! He's got an amazing voice.

But... as for my personal favorites: CASEY ABRAMS AND PAUL MCDONALD ♥. Everyone is really really really good as well (Jacob Lusk, Pia Toscano, Scotty McCreery...) but I really just love everything about these two guys. Their personality, their style, their overall performance.

Let me know what you think! I'll keep watching throughout the season and I'm excited to see how far my favorites go.

Song stuck in my head today: ....

Keep on keepin' on,