Friday, April 30, 2010

Back to Basics: A Flower List Update

Do you watch The Buried Life?

18% said, Yes!
18% said, No.
45% said, What is that?
another 18 % said, A couple of times.

Seeing as many of you aren't aware, The Buried Life is an amazing show on MTV. It's reality show (don't worry, a good one!) about a group of guys traveling around crossing things off of their bucket list. Very much like what I'm trying to do here, but not succeeding! If you have not seen it, I really think you should check it out! Go over to or I'm glad a handful of you watch it! I'm not sure if they are having a second season (the first ended in March?) but I sure hope they do!

So.... about my Flower List. Things are slow. I mean, a lot of these things I can't accomplish right now! Mostly I want to travel places and that will have to wait. I'm still working hard on being able to do a spilt and I've seen progress, minor but still. I hope I can start working on #1: Make a Tree House. I had plans to make it in my summer house where it's very woodsy but I'm not sure what trees would work for it! #5: Learn How to Play a Guitar, might start this fall! It depends on my grade and how things fall into place. I haven't gotten around to writing and scanning more of my goals but trust me there's more! Hopefully more that can be done in the near future.

I just added a new poll now, and it may not have the theme of 'Bucket Lists' but I wanted to know all of your opinions!!

If anyone has created their own list or ideas, leave a comment or if you know my Facebook, inbox me! I'm always looking for inspiration and ways to help.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Simple Thought on Superiority

Even with all our fancy devices and new concepts and contraptions, I think humans always just love the simple things in life. For one thing, it's so much easier. No confusing manuals or rules, just pure simplicity. My little sister is almost 11 months old now and she has tons of toys as usual, from the baby shower, friends and family celebrating her birth last year and being just plain spoiled every now and then when someone sees a cute toy in the store and 'just had to get it'. But, I really realize now that it was such a waste of time and money! You give Abby a cup, and there you go! Instant silence and a smiley face. If you've never grown up or lived around a little kid, you must've seen it once in your life. A mother who is bombarding her child with the latest Tickle Me Elmo, Yo Gabba Gabba toys, and Baby Einstein DVDs trying to calm her down with the familiar faces of Nick Jr. when she's just content as can be while chewing on a Solo cup. I see it all the time with my sister; my dad with come home from work, take off his belt and she'll come crawling over, deserting the jumpy, walker and playpen overflowing with primary colored items, to chew on a piece of leather.

We talked about this in my dance class very briefly. You see, I take tap and we're doing a dance to the theme of Cabaret and we know that the crowd will go wild when we have our kick line at the end of the song. And we don't get it! Here we are, sweating like crazy to a faster pace dance doing an intricate stool sequence in the beginning, trying to hit all the right moves on the right note, and working for whole classes on a partner routine and once we step and kick all together, that's when we'll get our well deserved rowdy crowd. Does that make sense to you?

Sometimes I think we need to just forget all the bells and whistles and go back to our roots. It seems to me like simplicity works and we can't take or add anything to change that.

It seems natural to poke fun at people younger than you. And, in ways I guess I don't see much harm depending on what you say. I think some people make fun of those younger because they can relate to the mistakes they're making because they themselves have gone through it too. But, I think sometimes it makes you look just plan stupid. It can sometimes make you look cocky and superior if you are thinking those only a year or two younger than you are foolish.

I know a lot of 7th graders who are constantly jabbing insults at the 6th graders they've left behind in their elementary schools. They think that once you're out of K-6th you're free! That you own the town and that everything you do is better, cooler and right. And if anyone tries to copy you, you see no wrong in find them pathetic followers.

Well you're wrong.

There's always going to be people above you. And the stupid things I hear people say about 6th graders are extremely idiotic! You were in their shoes last year. Have some sympathy, okay? Dumb things they might be doing you might've done even dumber. Wait until you get a little older to be broadcasting your thoughts about them over the Internet and don't be so harsh. It's good to laugh and reflect on these things but hurting people's feelings and making yourself semi-hated in the process isn't worth it. As Stephanie always says, (Hey cuz!) "Just because you're taller than me doesn't me you're better!". This is usually aimed towards me... :)

As for my poll explanation, I'm short on time right now so we'll leave that for tomorrow hopefully!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Glee Review #3: Home (Season 2, Episode 3)

I think everyone watching last night thought that the title really summed up the show last night. It was a step back from Glee's normal witty lines and group performances. We saw a lot more of each character's life at home, and it had that homey sorta sweet but sad feeling to it.

Before reading, *SPOILER ALERT*

I don't know about you, but I cry a lot. I mean, I even cried when I was eight watching Finding Nemo! And there were a lot of tear-jerking moments last night. The one that actually made me reach for a tissue though had to be when Finn's mother was telling him about how she still talks to his father every night, waiting for him to talk back. I thought the scene was so good! And they really accomplished a lot 'cause there was so many other times I felt like letting a few tears by. I thought they made the conflicts that occurred because of Finn and Kurt's parents dating very real. I've never lost a parent, and my parents haven't been divorced but I think that the dating transition would be hard for me too. I thought having Kurt jealous of Finn's relationship with his dad was realistic and relatable for people that have gone through similar situations.

The only thing that disappointed were the musical lineups. When I posted some songs I found yesterday on my blog, I didn't think that could've been all of them! But I was disappointed when I found out that that was. Even though April and Will's duet was cute, and showed the side of her that is a bit sweeter and vulnerable I found it too long, because I was starting to loose interest. You had to of known she was still gonna hop in bed with him, so why prolong it when we could've seen more of the glee club as a whole or how Emma's holding up?! I think a lot of people missed those big club performances, Rachel and Jesse, and Miss. Pillsbury.

And some more questions, of course!....
1.) Where is Quinn living these days?!
If you can't recall, Quinn's parents kicked her out when they found out she was expecting. Even though furious to find out he wasn't the father, Finn let her stay in his basement. But that's been a while now and they haven't brought up anything about her personal life and the life of her baby! I loved seeing her in the nurse's office with Mercedes though. I thought that was a great scene and as funny as it is to see Quinn as Queen Bee, let's leave that role for Santana. I think sticking with nice Quinn is just fine!
2.) Has Glee finally turned back to its roots?
I was happy to see that the song "Home" was featured in last night's episode. It had seemed to me and some gleeks (thanks Brianna for this awesome point!) that Glee had been shedding its show tunes for more familiar songs to broaden its demographic. Call me a new found drama nerd, but wasn't that a bit of Glee's whole identity in the first place? It seemed like almost every episode had to have that classic B-Way song to make it really an episode. I hope we continue to hear more Broadway because I'm not sure if I can live with a Glee without some jazz hands!
3.) What will the article mean for Sue's career?
We all know that Sue's little reign of terror taking over the auditorium was ended by April buying it from the money she got from her lover's wife, but will things get worse when the article about her and the cheerios get published? You can tell at the end of her conversation with the reporter that she felt guilty lying about how she treated the girls and taking full responsibility for Mercedes's "Beautiful" routine; but knowing Sue things might only get worse. I'm wondering if after her experience if Mercedes will continue to stay a cheerio and if Sue gets herself into more trouble once the media hears about her 'visionary teachings'.

Next weeks episode looks extremely funny, we see Emma calling Will a slut and that might mean more drama with Vocal Adrenaline! But... T.V. certainly knows how to twist our perceptions of shows because I thought the week's episode looked hilarious too and it turned out to still be a good episode, but on an entirely different spectrum then I expected. Let's cross our fingers though because I couldn't survive with Brittany's one-liners actually being one line...!

Some quotes from "Home":
"Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to put in a call to the Ohio Secretary of State, notifying them I will no longer be carrying photo ID. You know why? People should know who I am." - Sue
"Well, as I live and breathe! Will Schuester? I just had a sex dream about you!" - April
"Well, Becky, you are assimilating beautifully. Instead of being different and an outcast, you're just like every other teenage girl in America, sadly obsessed with vanity. Hey, before you know it, you'll be leaving little baggies of upchuck in your parents’ linen closet." - Sue
"I'm pretty sure my cat's been reading my diary." - Brittany
"Why hasn't anyone commented on the jeans I got Carol? Notice that the waistband falls way below the belly button — a welcome change." - Kurt
"How do you two not have a show on Bravo?" - Sue
"I haven't had a drink in 45 minutes." - April
"On assembly days, I arrange for the rest of the school to be fumigated, so the gym is the only place with clean air." - Sue

How Mercedes sees Artie before she passes out

Hope you watch and read next week!

Thanks for all the comments (here and Facebook!) and poll votes. I'll talk more about the polls I put up instead of just having you vote randomly! :)

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Career of Choice: People Watcher

I have a thing for people. As weird as that sounds. I just have found it interesting the past year and a half to sit, listen and watch. Observing your surroundings and people with you can teach you so much about those individuals in particular or just humans in general.

My friend and I always joke around that we should be people watchers. We'll burst out in laughter constantly noticing little things people do. I mean come on, people are just way too interesting! There's always a different story. You might hear some repeats but they all come with a twist. Everyone has opinions, dreams and experiences they want to share but just might want to share them when they get an opportunity to; rather than just randomly start sharing their life story. I like giving people that opportunity. Maybe that's just the writer coming out in me. I still don't know what I want to do with my life, but I know writing what you know is the best. And I am constantly seeing things that I could put to paper, throwing in crafty metaphors and imagery.

I also think 'people watching' has turned me into the equal rights person I am. I mean, you may think you know someone but until you really study them, or give them the opportunity to really express themselves you can't judge. And, even with studying people you can get some things wrong! Trust me, it's happened.

I guess, depending on what it is. People can fascinate me very easily. Today I had an orchestra class, but my teacher wasn't there. So the substitute we had let us have a free period because he was 'handicapped musically'. Some people did homework, most talked and some people practiced their instruments for the upcoming onslaught of NYSSMA thingys. What do you call it, an appointment? A judging? Well I sat and talked for a bit, attempted to do homework but I was without a textbook and then I started hearing this great tune from the piano. This girl I'm friendly with and went to the same elementary school with, was playing the piano from the beginning of the period. She was really good and she was playing familiar songs. I don't know the titles of any, but they were classical and I bet you'd know them too. But then she started playing something else. It sounded like it'd fit great in a contemporary pop album but yet I didn't know the song. I walked over and she was singing too; something about how it would work out if 'we pulled it together' and I didn't recognize it at all! I thought, 'Wow she must've written it herself then!'. But as I heard more verses I shook my head, knowing that was too good to be true.

Turns out, she did. She wrote the lyrics and composed all the music by herself. And she had four full songs. I mean full. Everything flowed seamlessly, there were no choppy parts where you could tell she still hadn't figured the right notes out and she sounded pretty damn good.

I don't know about you, but even though I have musical talent I doubt I could do what she was doing. I mean, it took her two days to accomplish some of these songs, and some only two hours since she really concentrated! I've tried writing songs - long before I had my own piano, regardless - and I don't think I ever could've come up with what she did. I mean, I always got some good stuff down but after that I was at a lack of ideas. Everything always seemed so repetitive after that. Everyone - well everyone who was smart enough to listen it! - loved her songs. I was blown away. So, I basically started interviewing the girl! I was really intrigued and I needed some answers to the millions of questions about her thought process that were dancing in my head. She told me first she gets a simple tune going, then she adds the lyrics. After that, she trys her best to transfer the tune to the piano. She has all the songs written down and she wrote them without any help, even though she showed the songs to her piano teacher who she was expecting criticism from and her teacher loved them the way they were.

I guess I like interviewing people. But not people who are famous already. Because you hear those stories all the time. I'd be the kind of reporter just interviewing people on the street. But, I don't think there's a very big field for that. So, it's just facing another road bump in my career options. Like I haven't faced enough already!

Live with your eyes wide open
(Here's a picture of my eye world!)
As for Glee, I can't wait to watch tonight! I don't know the full line-up of songs or who sings them, but I do know of a few we'll be hearing...
"A House is Not a Home"
"One Less Bell to Answer/A House is Not a Home"
Remember to read tomorrow all you gleeks. Thanks for the poll votes and the one comment, (Sam!). (:

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day is Every Day!

Yesterday- as you should've been aware of! -was Earth day. This particular Earth day, happened to mark it's 40th anniversary.

Earth day is really important to me. I've always been a bit of a tree-hugger and my love for nature has only escalated in the past years.

Our world is a gorgeous place. And with technology advancing daily, people are forgetting what's outside their own front door. Do I spend a lot of time on the computer? Yes. But with that, I still haven't forgotten the great world I live in. I find it weird that when I hang out with certain friends all they want to do is hang out on the computer. I'm not quite sure how anyone can not realize the sheer beauty of mother nature. It amazes me constantly. I'm the kind of girl you'll find outside at night, just spinning around in circles; wondering how lucky I am to live in such a great place.

And that's the thing. This great place we all live off of is our only home. It's not disposable. And there comes a time where everyone needs to step back and realize what they're taking for granted. Do never think twice about the 30 minute showers you're taking? How fast you go through your looseleef at school because you never write on the back? That leaving that one Gatorade bottle at the beach was no big deal?

Well you cutting back on your shower time could not only potentially cut back your water bill, but is conserving all the water that we need. Writing on the backs of your paper will help save trees, and you won't have to buy as much. And while stopping to be a litter bug might not lighten your wallet, you might save the life of a baby turtle or dolphin. Isn't that worth it? You might think that you're only one person. And that's true, you are. But who's to say you're not that one person who might rub off on others, and make them think twice too? Who's to say you cleaning up your town a bit won't save lives? Earth day is a great chance to think about these things.

All nature gives us: trees, mountains, lakes, oceans, fish, birds, grass is wonderful. We survive off of them, and without them, we're gone. So if the whole beauty and wildlife aspect doesn't quite make you want to change your ways. Think of yourself. You're really helping the earth to help yourself.

I myself, am trying to go a bit greener. I'm avoiding using many water bottles as much as I can, I'm limiting myself to a ten minute shower, and I'm constantly looking for new ways to get involved in protecting our parks and wildlife. I hope you try to make an effort to. Start off with simple things, like turning off excess lights or not charging your phone overnight when you know it really only takes an hour.

Some interesting online ways to get involved and tips to go green: - Sign their petition, order shirts, and watch parts of their Oscar winning move, The Cove. After signing their petition via Facebook, invite your friends to also! They're so close to their million signature goal!! and - Follow the Plastiki, a boat made almost entirely out of plastic bottles, on it's voyage across the Pacific to Sydney, Australia to raise awareness of the of the great garbage patches effecting our oceans. Some part of these patches can be 90 ft. deep with waste! Read more about the crew, look at photos and videos, and take the pledge! - 29 tips to go green! - This site is full on ways to go green every way! For occasions like dates, holidays, and parties for the best green products and reasons why you should go green! - And here it is. The White House telling you to make a change!

If that wasn't enough don't forget you can go old school, and check out tons of green books from your local library. I'm sure they'll have some.

Hope everything's good in your world...! Get out there. (:

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Glee Review #2: The Power of Madonna (Season 2, Episode 2)

Last night was surely a 'powerful' episode. From all the so close 'big deeds' and changes going on in the glee club, you had to be watching every minute!

Remember, *SPOILER ALERT*, get your butt to or if you missed the latest and greatest on Glee!

While I have said in the past before that I hope the show doesn't overdose on the drama, I think last night's episode only had one unexpected turn too many. The only thing I didn't find quite fitting, but still very interesting, was the fact that Jesse St. James who was leading his acclaimed glee club to another Regionals, transferred to McKinley high school 'to be with Rachel'. Jesse's transfer seems a bit too unrealistic and yet again muddles up his clear intentions, which I guess makes for a better story line. Tina's quick outbursts Artie were cute and I thought they were well needed!

I liked the songs, and I thought they fit in seamlessly with the storyline. I loved seeing Kurt and Mercedes shine in "4 Minutes" and I thought "Like a Virgin" was creatively shown, seeing each person's story. I loved the last performance. It was great!

As for my questions....
1.) Does Jesse transferring mean he really does have strong feelings for Rachel?
The sudden move made by the star of Vocal Adreneline, was a twist I feel no one expected! Jesse said he switched schools because, "when you love someone, you got to go for it. You [Rachel] would never be with me completely if I was on the opposing team; and I care about you more than winning another national title. So I left Vocal Adreneline. For you." I'm not sure wheter those lines were true and heart felt, or carefully scripted by vocal coach of Jesse's old glee club.
2.) How will Kurt and Mercedes choice to join the Cheerios effect the glee club?
While it may not come as that much of a shocker, seeing how Kurt and Mercedes were pushed out of the spotlight by the standard duo of Rachel and Finn, their decision to join the Cheerios was a bit risky. Do you think this will strengthen the glee club, and make them take turns being the leading vocalist, or will it weaken the club as two of their great assests get closer to the constantly scheming Sue Sylvester?
3.) Why does Quinn Fabray look just as slender as ever?
I know many of my friends find it weird that the pregnant ex head cheerleader looks very flat stomached in many scenes and is still able to bust quite a few moves on the stage. When will the reality of her pregnancy kick in once more? We've only heard a couple humorous comments about her baby, and it's been quite a few episodes since we've learned of the news!

Next weeks episode looks great! We have the return of the fabulous Kristen Chenoweth, who seems to set her sights on the sought after Will Schuester. But I have to say, as hilarious as Kristen's character is, isn't the on-going theme of Will's many short lived relationships, ending with the realization that he needs to get him self together a bit old by now?! I hope he makes up his mind the next episode and keeps it that way for at least the few after.

As for next week's musical line up, I don't know the songs! If I find them out later on, I will try to get them up... sorry again that I said Glee is on Wednesdays. It is staying at its Tuesday night spot! And sorry that this post is late, I had to go to my sister's chorus concert last night! (:

Here some memorable quotes from "The Power of Madonna":
"As an honorary girl, I would have to agree." - Kurt
"He's a spy. I would know." - Santana
"Just come out so we can talk... or sing about it." - Jesse
"Mercedes is black, I'm gay, we're new culture." - Kurt
"When I pulled my hamstring I went to a massagist." - Brittany
"If you wanna get all up on this..." - Archie
"Yes, you should move to Israel." - Santana
"Just do what I do. Never say no." - Santana
"Guess who I'm dating? Wes Brody. He's super-cute. He plays soccer with my sister. He's seven." - Brittany
"I don't feel comfortable talking about this with Rabbi Greenburg..." - Rachel

Remember to watch next week and check back here for a hopefully on time post!

The Glee cast performing, "Like a Prayer"

Splits are going better.... just had to keep updating! I wanted to post a very important post today for Earth day, but I'm not sure if I can, catching up on the Glee post :(. It will definitely be up tomorrow! Check back!!! And HAPPY EARTH DAY! Start thinking about how you can make a difference.

Song stuck in my head today: "Like a Virgin" by The Glee cast

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Equality, You'll be Seeing This a Lot!

Today I saw a very encouraging video on Yahoo. President Obama was addressing a crowd and a man, in the middle of his speech, yelled "repeal 'don't ask, don't tell'!". This statement is obviously referring to the 1993 military policy that bans gays and lesbians from openly serving. Obama responded, "We are going to do that; hey, hold on a second, hold on a second." The rest of the crowd then began chanting Obama's signature campaign chant: "Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can!". After the crowd's chants died down, Obama further pleased the protesters by responding, "Guys, guys, I agree! I agree, I agree! Now; no, no, no, no listen what the young man was talking about was we need to repeal0 'don't ask don't tell', which I agree with. And which we have begun to do."

Now, I realize Barack Obama has stated he would repeal this stupid act throughout his campaign, and has reiterated this point throughout his presidency, and yes, the progress has been slow. But seeing as this is a recent video, and the President seemed passionate, and didn't disregard the outburst, I have renewed hope. If you've read my other post about gay marriage in the U.S. you know I am all for it. I believe a tolerant society is best. To each his own. If you'd like to see the video, (I made an unsuccessful attempt to post it!) go to and flip through 'Today' section on the homepage. Hopefully, we'll achieve this well needed
change in the future.

I also came across a good quote today as I was doing some searches on Wikipedia
(what else?!). The quote,
One God - Many Forms
One River - Many Streams
One People - Many Faces
One Mother - Many Children
are the words of Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati. He painted them across the door that enters to the Guthrie Center at the Old Holy Trinity in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. I started thinking about how stupid it is that we treat each other as inferiors. I get we were born with the instincts to just stay alive, but why can everyone just make the realization that we're all the same despite our ethnic or religious differences?- and stick with it. I stopped thinking so much about who I was talking to, or who I was been seen with, and suddenly the world seems a lot better. Well, despite the fact that as I show more kindness, the world just thrusts evils in my way. You see, today this girl came up to me outside the school as I was waiting for my aunt to drop of something. I went to elementary school with her, and I know how she gets mocked and ridiculed daily. Normally as she approached me for the brief time she did today, I would've rolled my eyes and brushed her off. But I stood there for a minute, and talked to her, and listened to what see had to say. It turns out, it was her birthday. I was a little surprised because she had no balloons or cards with her. I mean, I thought almost everyone got a balloon on their birthday! I didn't this year, but I got cards throughout the day so people we able to tell. We talked for a bit, she told me about how it stunk 'cause her birthday was also Hitler's birthday, and she's a third Russian, half Jewish, and half Italian, which made her think of Mussolini. As I stood their, I noticed a few eyes glaring at me. But that made me talk to her some more, and for once I don't think I brushed her off, or stifled a laugh at her odd ways. She left me as I wished her a happy birthday, and went to approach two boys nearby. I watched them turned their backs and mock her. A monitor stopped the boys as the girl walked away, but still she was faced with bullies. And these weren't the obvious bullies that adults might pick up like that monitor did with the boys. This was the bullying only a kid who knew the bullies would know. A group of girls ran up to the girl and gave her a hug, started talking to her, and jumped up and down waving as she got into her taxi and left. Then started laughing because she was taking a taxi home. From a bystander a girl being greeted with open arms by this group of girls looked like a normal occurrence after school. But I knew their comments were laced with giggles and their hugs were fake and over-done. She might not realize it, but I do. And that's the worst. To be bullied and not even know it. So, next time just another 'loser' trys to make a conversation, talk. And look around at the widened eyes and smile to yourself.

I know I haven't written in a while, but I will now! The past weekend was without a lot of substance, and busy. So I didn't have any time to post, and there was nothing really to say! But tomorrow, I'll do my second Glee review. *GLEE IS TONIGHT, NOT TOMORROW! THE COMMERCIAL MISLEAD ME, BE SURE TO WATCH TONIGHT, AND READ TOMORROW!* Then, on Thursday hopefully you'll have a nice Earth Day post, I'm going green! (:(Be T. Dubbs: Splits are hard, but going as good as they can for now I guess!)

Song stuck in my head today: "Madison" by Chris Merritt (!! (: )

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

And I'd Like to Thank Miley Cyrus for My Latest Obsession...

I came across an interesting quote from Miley Cyrus in Newsday on April 11th. The statement came from when she was 'clarifying her musical crushes on MTV'. She says,

Bieber fever- I'm not necessarily a fan. I don't listen to that kind of music.
I like, like Kurt Cobain is my dream boyfriend.

I found this perplexing because I realize Miley Cyrus many times will dress like a rocker, which might make you think, 'So? I can see her liking Kurt Cobain' but if you listen to her music, it doesn't convey a rocker chick persona at all. So much so, when you think of pop sensation Justin Bieber's music, hip-hop/pop tunes, some other teen singers come to mind such as, Miranda Cosgrove, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus. If she keeps saying she loves music by Joan Jett, and many other iconic rock figures, wouldn't it make sense that she made rock music too? I can understand if she's afraid of loosing her great tween/teen demographic, that is shelling out money left and right for her sold out in a second concerts, but what ever happened to the music itself? When did her true musical goals get muddled up in teen-bopper T.V. shows and collabortaion fashion lines at Walmart? If I was an artist of her magnitude, I'd do what I want to do, not because 'my audience' would buy more if I cut down on this, or tweaked that, or wore a certain type of clothing. But, I don't know Miley Cyrus personally. So I can't judge. But if I had to, those are my feelings.

Anyways, back to how this relates to my newest obsession. When I read the name, Kurt Cobain it was so familiar but I couldn't think of what band he was in! So yesterday, I was showing my friends this great service I had been told about on my phone. You text 266266 and you can get local weather, movie times, horoscopes, gas prices, and you can search things on Wikipedia. When my friends and I were playing around with it, I remembered the quote and texted 'Kurt Cobain' to 266266. It gives you all that Wikipedia has on it's website, in the form of many, many texts (you text them 'more' to get more from Wiki). If you've ever used Wikipedia for a school report or anything, you've probably seen how extensive their articles are. But, even so I read almost all of it. I fell asleep reading about how Cobain's uncle offered him a bike or a guitar for his 14th birthday (of course he picked the latter of the two), but when I woke up to send 'more' to continue reading, it gave me Wiki search results for 'more'. That's the only bad thing, you have to text them back within a certain time frame, and make sure you just say, 'more'! So, for those of you still wondering who Kurt Cobain is (since I became an expert overnight!), Cobain was the lead vocals/guitar in the band Nirvana. The band was big in the early to mid 1990s, and was often considered the "flagship band for Generation X". Nirvana popularized grunge music in the mainstream.

After I couldn't search more on Cobain, I decided to search things that peaked an interest while reading about Cobain. I have now become a mini expert on Jainism, Riot Grrrl, and Generation X. Even if your not a curious information sponge like myself, I think it's so cool that I can know use this on my phone! My best friend who showed it to me reassured me that it is indeed a free service. So what are you waiting for? If it works on your phone go ahead and text 266266 for all your random information cravings. :)

Still working on being able to do a split, but I think I'm still stiff as a board!

Song stuck in my head today: "It Won't Be Long" by Evan Rachel Wood (cover from my ALL TIME FAVORITE movie, Across the Universe, go check it out!!)

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Glee Review #1: Hell-O (Season 2, Episode 1)

Soooooooo, as I promised, here is my very first annual Glee blog post! (Note: These will now be on Thursdays because Glee has moved back to Wednesdays if you didn't see the commercial last night!) And just remember there will most likely be *SPOILERS* so read with great discretion!

Last night fellow Gleeks, was the come back of most of your favorite shows with a great episode, "Hell-o", after a hiatus for oh, what, 3 1/2 months?! I have to say, it was great having the show back. I loved the songs and nothing seemed to disappoint except (sorry! I have to find something to criticise, as hard as it is) I hope it's less dramatic in the following episodes. I think it will be because this was a season premiere, so things have to be spicy to draw people in for higher ratings for next week. Don't get me wrong, I love all the drama! But I don't want it to be too fake, and too fast y'know?

And one other point, some things I was confused about:
1.) Did Rachel really break up with Jesse?
I asked around to my Gleek friends, and they all agreed that Rachel only said that so she wouldn't have to quit Glee, and was really dating this Vocal Adrenaline heart-throb on the sly. I hope so! Because I'd really like to see him in more than just one episode, though with the fierce competition brewing for the coveted spot at Regionals, I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of his lovely locks.
2.) What was Terri(y?) saying when she was talking to Emma about her and Will's prom?
My friends said this was also unclear to them, we only understood that Will had danced with Emma to him and Terri's prom song. If any of you readers know more about what happened, feel free to comment, and respond to anything else! (:
3.) Is Jesse just using Rachel?
Once again, my friends all agreed that they think this is true because you see the 'coach' of Vocal Adrenaline was standing in the legs of the stage while Jesse and Rachel were in mid-kiss, and Jesse opened his eyes during the sweet moment to somewhat mischievously acknowledge his coach's presence.

Good news!! I just was listening to some of last night's Glee track on iTunes, and they had a preview of: Glee- The Music, the Power of Madonna (which is next week's episode! if you missed the "Vogue" music video, HILARIOUS!) and four out of the eight well anticipated tracks are featuring Jonathan Groff, who plays Jesse St. James! So, if you were nervous you'd miss your favorite new character, there's one more thing to look forward to next week! Here's the songs from next week for you, you can pre-order them on iTunes if you'd like:
1.) Express Yourself (feat. Jonathan Groff)
2.) Borderline/Open Your Heart
3.) Vogue
4.) Like a Virgin (feat. Jonathan Groff)
5.) 4 Minutes
6.) What It Feels Like for a Girl
7.) Like a Prayer (feat. Jonathan Groff)
8.) Burning Up (feat. Jonathan Groff)

I can't wait to hear "4 Minutes" and "Like a Virgin", how about you? Leave your comments.

Also, you've might've heard by now, but just to keep you informed.... Jonathan Groff played the lead along Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) in the Broadway production of Spring Awakening, and from that experience if you don't know the show.... well they definitely have chemistry!

Here's some memorable quotes, if you missed out on some last night because of quick runs to you fridge and were lost when everyone was laughing at them today!
"Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?" - Britney
"Sometimes I forget my middle name." - Britney
"Don't go all super size me, I don't date fat chicks" "I'm pregnant!" "And is that my fault?" - Puck & Quinn
"I carry a rape whistle!" - Rachel
"We have to wear sunscreen on stage..." - Jesse
"I remember when I used to get nervous." - Jesse

Hope you all liked the first post, and don't forget to tune in next Wednesday at nine to watch the special Glee Madonna episode, and here every following Thursday. Got suggestions? As I said, comment, comment, comment!

The Glee girls performing "Hello Goodbye"

As for me things are good! I did five perimeters of the school today but my friend Jennie who I mentioned is out for a week or two after pulling a muscle. :( Feel better Jennie!

Song stuck in my head today: "True Colors" by The Glee cast

Have a great day!!!! ♥

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Internet (did you know, it has to capitilized?!)

The Internet is a wonderful thing.

The Internet is a horrendous thing.

The Internet provides us with such a great tool, that allows us to communicate world-wide and provides us with a fountain of information right at our fingertips. Just like I'm doing right now. I'm able to share my thoughts and feelings at any given moment, to more or less, the world! I can make movies, share ideas, plan trips, e-mail friends, share pictures over Facebook all without leaving the cozy confines of my home. I can make friends, meet new people, play games, do research for homework, talk to my family, the Internet is full of endless possibilities.

The Internet is a dangerous tool, made available for it to be in use by anyone. Good or bad. The Internet is too vast a medium for our world. What I'm typing right now can be twisted and used against me, printed out and ridiculed, and can be shared all over the web. I can post embarrassing pictures of people I know, and by they time someone takes it down, who knows who's seen it by then? I can sit at home and laugh at my classmates pictures on Facebook, point them out to my friends, and giggle at them in hall and they wouldn't have a clue what we were joking about. I can create mean websites, mocking my enemies, and inviting those who know them to join. I can create fake profiles and deceive people I know, what they think they're hearing from some cute single high-schooler, is just a backstabber with a keyboard. Not only can I hurt people, but this can all happen to me.

I've never done any of those things I've mentioned to anyone. But I wanted us to think about how uncontrollable the Internet really is. Think about it: your parents but controls on your Mac so you can't accidentally run into some porn or something while Googling up pictures for a slideshow, or so you can't go on any websites with mature content, information on illegal activities or so you can't create a MySpace, Facebook or Twitter. But when you go to your friends house, are those same blocks still there? Most likely you'll know someone who has parents that are less protective. You can, and will, be exposed to all the stuff on the Internet that someone hasn't wanted you to. Computers have become such a necessity it's hard not to stumble across something raunchy while just e-mailing your aunt. And think about the countless suicides you've heard about in school and on the news do to cyber-bullying. In this day and age most likely every teen you ask knows someone who's been hurt over the Internet. And sometimes it's not even someone you know, like that chick from school who's jealous that you're going out with her ex. It could just as well be a strange Turkish man you've never seen in your life, that may be the source of the harassments. If the world wide web has had such a great impact on everyone's life, why don't we just categorize time like back in the day? I think I'll try.... today is April 13th 2010, B.I. (B.I.= Before Internet, for those of you not as clever ;))

As you can see, I'm starting to ramble on and on. Just point is, be safe, don't get too computer obsessed (face it, we've all been down that road!), and never hurt others.

As for an update on my live, accomplishing my goal of being able to do a split, has started off with a rocky start. :/ But, on the bright side, in track today I ran 18 minutes straight without stopping! (Just turn a blind eye to that stop to tie my shoe... hey! That could be dangerous!). Sorry I couldn't post yesterday, Mondays are super tight so if I ever do post, it's a miracle! And, for all you Glee fans out there, special blog tomorrow!!!

Song stuck in my head today: "Beast of Burden" by The Rolling Stones

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back to Basics: A Flower List Update

The Flower List.

You're probably wondering why I call it that. Yes, I've gotten many questions about it before. But you see, the term "Bucket List" in my point of view is a stupid term. I mean, tell me, who thinks about buckets when they think of death! Now, you may ask me me, "Well who think's of flowers when they think of death?" But I have my own rational explanation.

I've unfortunately been to many funerals in my lifetime, which means many wakes since most people I know follow some form of Christianity. If you don't know what a wake is, it's held before a person's funeral, family and friends come to a funeral home and come to see the person who has died, the casket could be opened or not. That takes place maybe twice a day for two days. At most wakes, there are lots of flowers, the whole room starts to smell like a greenhouse! So, it may seem weird that that's the first thing I think of, but it works for me.

Just now, I Googled "where did the term bucket list come from", and I guess I'm not the only one wondering this, because it came up right away.

Here is what I got from WikiAnswers: someone contemplating suicide would place a rope around a rafter, place the noose around their neck and stand on a bucket. The bucket would then be kicked away and the person would hang until dead. hence the phrase "kick the bucket".

Now, I'm sorry as hard as life gets I never see suicide as an option! So thinking of flowers works much better for me! But, hey you learn something new everyday!

Some people have asked me what else is on The Flower List, well I'm going to post a picture of it that I scanned (thanks, EPSON!) right here... this isn't the end of it! It's going to be pages long soon! So I hope you like it, and maybe get some inspiration do to some crazy things. Also take note that "Be Able To Do a Split" is #4, sorry I didn't have that info for you yesterday!

I'll give you guys another picture every time I make a new page.

Song stuck in my head today: "Carry Out" by Timbaland ft. Justin Timberlake

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Becoming A Health Junkie? And Love, Legal?

I think this whole track thing has dramatically effected me already! Is that possible? Today I was at soccer practice, and my Dad was late picking me up. I had a track and two feet so I wanted to run! I asked my coach if I could do some laps because I needed to keep running for track and he gave me this weird face and said, "If you want. Just don't run off, I'm supposed to be watching you until your dad comes." So I did half a mile while waiting for my Dad! I seriously feel like one of those exercise junkies, all I want to do is run and see how long I can go for! But, this has had a good impact on The Flower List 'cause I'm starting to work towards my next goal (I'd give you the number but, I'm currently at a friend's house, listless!), which is to be able to do a split.
Now, I'm a dancer. And you'd think I'd be able to do a split, but flexibility is a very touchy subject with me. I'm like a foot off the ground when I try to do a spilt, and I haven't been able to decrease that dreadful distance. I used to be better, being able to do a heel-stretch somewhat well, but my dancing school stopped helping me with that, and now that I've moved studios and only taking one class - the one were I won't learn anything, tap - I'm all on my own.

So, yesterday with my new found determined spirit I did a mini 30 minute workout, stretching non-stop. Hopefully, like attempts in the past, I won't give up. So write some supportive comments if you'd like! And tell me if you're working towards any athletic goals.

As for my topic of the day, yesterday I was with a friend and I saw a collage she did. In the collage there was a model wearing an American Apparel T-shirt saying, Legalize L.A. I'm not sure what the T-shirts supported, it had something to do with immigration rights (I think! Don't take my word, it's later at night and I'm too lazy to Google :) ) and I started thinking of their other T-shirts, supporting the legalization of gay marriage in the U.S., and how ridiculous it is that we even need those T-shirts.

When you think about it, the government is telling us (certain people) that it is illegal to love. Now, I myself am not gay, but if I was in love with another girl, and we weren't allowed to make that love official, as most people find matrimony does I would be torn apart. I don't understand why people get so heated over this subject, other's marriage does not affect your life. So what if two men are professing their love for another? Is something horrible going to happen to you? It's life. Move on. Being intolerant will get you no where. Sit down and think about it, love being illegal is preposterous.

Once again, feel free to comment. Thanks for the follower, poll votes, and profile views sooner then I thought!

Song stuck in my head today: "The Remedy" by Jason Mraz (♥)


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Friday, April 9, 2010

Getting High Off Yourself: True?

You might have heard it before, maybe not. That people can get high off themselves, by finding something they like doing, like a sport, or activity and being able to reach that level of pure ecstasy. You might have just heard this from health class, trying to turn you away from the dangers of drugs, giving you an alternative high. Or you might hear it from people who are extremely active, or have such passion in their favorite activities. I never really thought about it much, but today I think I might have gotten just a taste.

As I said in my first post, I joined my school's track team. I had only had two practices before today, I enjoyed them but they was nothing really special. It was the usual sports regime for me, tiring drills, laughing with friends, and at the end of the day, knowing you could've done better.

That's the thing. I came home last night knowing I could've pushed myself way harder as we ran for 15 minutes straight around the track, I could've accomplished that feat without the two water breaks. So I went into practice today with more than just a water bottle, but a goal. A goal to do my best, and really mean it. If my coaches told me to run how ever long without stopping, that meant no stops, not sneaking out of the pack of Nike clad girls for a sip of water.

So I did it. I did four perimeters of the school, without any stops. And once it was over, I wanted more! I realized that strong self-determination is such a beautiful thing. Once you sit down and think, I really want this! And mean it, not just say, "Oh I tried my best" as an excuse, you can do anything.

I'm not saying I was amazing, like Flash or something. No one can ever reach their full potential. I went home ecstatic and eager to push myself harder, not knowing what else I was capable of.

After practice officially ended, my friend Jennie and I both went for a half perimeter around the school to head to the locker room. When we got there, we were in front people walking from the field to the locker room (which is a very short walk!) and knowing we left the same time as them, and seeing some people's faces aghast as we turned the corner, was a pretty great feeling.

Song stuck in my head today: "Magic Bus" by The Who

So, go out and do something you've always wanted to, but never gave it your all. You never know until you try. And if you don't like it, well... screw it!

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Flower List #7: Start a Blog

As my first post, I'd just like to let anyone out there reading this (I hope someone's reading this!) know some things about me and this blog. My name's Madison and I'm blogging about things that I want to share with the world, and accomplishing my Flower List. My Flower List is the list of things I want to do before I die. People always ask me why I have a "Bucket List" at such a young age. Well, I've realized that life is way to good and way too short to just sit around, and I need to start making some goals, and have some adventures. That's what this is all about, adventures. And every time I accomplish something I'll have the same format blog title, and write about it. Thanks to Blogger I can cross of number seven! But I don't have high expectations, I just hope to make people think, inspired, and have some readers. I've realized I set my expectations way too high in the past, so just one reader would put a smile on my face. Anyways, enough with introductions! I find them way too boring and vague. So here's the start of my 'real' blog,

For days I've been waiting for the trees in my town to change. You know, when their bare branches turn into beautiful canvases for white flowers at the beginning of spring. And so far there's only been buds. I woke up this morning, hoping as I'd walk to school that they'd finally bloom. But, no luck. So I'm walking home from my first track practice today (which is a whole 'nother story) and halfway during my trek home, I stop suddenly in the sidewalk noticing the rows of flower covered pear trees framing my street, scaring my neighbor.

Then, in the blissful glory of all these trees I'm about to cross a street and I here a way too familiar voice yell, "Hey! Ho!". I know automatically this is my sister, because she's been singing that randomly for the past week. Then I see my dad on his bike, riding along side her in the street with my little sister in one of those hitchable tent things for babies. My dad came up and explained he was going to surprise me at track but they started riding home once I called and told them it ended at four, not five. And just to add to the list of good things that happened after that, I saw my family friend picking up his car from outside my house, I had a sudden craving for orange juice which is really weird because I normally hate orange juice, and then my sister and I both spontaneously got cotton candy ices from the ice cream man.

Now, I'm one of those people where the little things turn my whole day around. So all these little great events after another made me extremely happy. But besides my normal behavior, I got to thinking if the world just has these moments made to cheer us up. Because when I think of it, I was walking home from my first day of track, sweating like a pig, and mad because I waited at the school for my friend who didn't end up walking with me, and as soon as I step onto my block I'm hit with a wave of tiny miracles. I wanted to put this here, to see what who ever may be reading this, had to say in the matter. Had you ever had those moments, out of the blue where the world seemed to be sending you some sort of message?

Song stuck in my head today: "All My Lovings" by The Beatles

^^ I'll always write that 'cause there's always a song in my head and hopefully you might learn of a new song and YouTube it! Hope you do (:

So thanks once again to Blogger and everyone for helping my cross off #7.... let's hope it wasn't a waste to put it on there, but hey you learn from your mistakes. Expect new posts everyday.... if not it's 'cause I was probably too busy or had nothing too blog worthy!

Keep on keepin' on,