Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Flower List #39: Watch a sunrise

My bus that drives me to school leaves early in the morning. I'm outside waiting at my street corner by 6:45. This, is just when the sun is basically done rising. It's still slightly dark out and on a rare occasion you can still see the moon. On the days when I'm not curing at my feet for how cold it is out, I look up. And it's magnificent. It really is. All the colors, the clouds just starting to form. The birds' outlines contrasting against the sun. Then it hit me that I've always wanted to watch the sunrise. It wasn't on my Flower List yet, so I added it and then crossed it off last Saturday!

I got up at a little before six o'clock because I wanted to watch the whole sunrise. Not just when part of the sky's black and the other half is all technicolor. I wanted to be outside when everyone was inside, when the moon was watching over us. It was definitely cool, and I definitely want to do it again because my sunrise was more like a moonset. From my back deck, where I was watching the sunrise, I had a crystal clear view of the moon, but the sun was lost behind my neighbors trees. It was still a really nice experience but I didn't get to see the center of it all, the sun. I just saw all the great colors and clouds surrounding it.

When I first walked outside I could tell already I picked a not so good day to do this. Here I am sitting on my deck chair in my green slippers, these red thermal legging things my mom got me for Christmas, a t-shirt and my fluffy green with white stars bathrobe and the wind is howling. Leaves that have survived the snow from November are blowing all around, things were falling down and knocking over and I'm in my own little corner trying to keep warm and not miss a minute of my show.

I thought I'd take pictures to show you how pretty it was but my fingers were locked into my sides to keep warm and like I said, you couldn't really see the sun that well. So the pictures wouldn't of been that great anyways.

It was a weird but pleasant experience overall, it taught me patience because I was sitting there for over an hour slowly waiting for the sun to awake. I thought about it for a bit afterwards and anyone else who would've seen me must've thought I was crazy. Y'know just chilling in the 30 degree weather outside at five a.m. But it was worth it. It was just cool! I can't explain it that well. It was funny. I woke up at before five watch the sun come up, and hopped back in bed. No one but a few friends I told and my sister knew I was out there. My sister was too tired to join me. It was just me, the sun and the moon for an hour. And it was very nice.

Song stuck in my head today: "I'll Do Anything" by Jason Mraz

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Back to Basics: A Flower List Update

*Wow, can you believe this is the first and probably only update of February?! I only posted so far 9 times this month...*

Have you been able to cross things off your own 'Bucket List' lately?
0% said YES! (:
33% said No :(
0% said I don't have one.
0% said What's that?
0% said Yeah, but I don't have an official list. I've just done some cool things.
33% said I wiishhhh
33% said One or two things :)

So in early February when I made this poll I made it so I could talk about how lazy I am, I'm making no true effort to accomplish come things on my bucket list when any day could be my last. Which is true. That's why I really am excited and anxious to get these thigns done because you don't know what life could throw at you. One day you're fine and the next maybe some freak accident happens while your at your friends house and next thing you know you can't walk anymore, or worse. It's sad to think about at time but it's the truth and no one ever said the truth was full of happy endings. It just stinks because I lot of these things I want to do involve tons of money I don't have or just the right moment or maybe just age. But, these thoughts were in early February. And now it's the 26th so, my mind is more at ease because I crossed off something exactly a week ago. If you'd like to know what it is or read about it click here. If not, enjoy your day! Come back soon and best of luck with your own list. :)

Song stuck in my head today: "Rock & Roll" by Eric Hutchinson

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Friday, February 25, 2011


So, I caved it. I made a tumblr.


That does not mean I'm deserting The Flower List. Does a mother abandon her eldest child when she gives birth to another kid? No. Weird comparison you may say but I'm not in any way giving up The Flower List. And I'm not taking a break either. My lack of frequent posts is due to hectic schedules, laziness, and sheer lack of inspiration or energy at times not my tumblr. I made my tumblr to try tumblr out. Everyone always asks if I have one, if I like it, and why I don't have one. You never know until you try, so I'm just testing the waters. The way I view it, blogspots are more for writers while as tumblrs are for mixed media. Many people see tumblr users as unoriginal because 90% of tumblr users just reblog what they find on other peoples tumblrs. Well, I assure you that my tumblr is original. Everything I post is my own creation. And I mainly only post photos, so all my crazy writing is staying here. I promise. BUT, if you have a tumblr: follow me! I'd love to see your tumblr :). You all know I'm open to reading/listening/viewing anything you have for me.... that's what my lonely comments are for lovies.

But please don't forget about The Flower List!

Song stuck in my head today: "Put Your Records On" by Corinne Bailey Rae

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Saturday, February 19, 2011


Living in this day and age I'd find it shocking if you have never heard of Lady Gaga. Everyone has their opinions on her. Her fans see her as original, an inspiration. A trendsetter and someone who's fearless and knows what shes doing (or maybe not, and that's what's appealing). People who don't like her think she's just another manufactured puppet. An artist whos style and actions come from a team of producers and thinkers, and can someone say: Madonna? She's constantly doing something that's landed her in the news. Wheter it be her latest defying outfit or what she said in an interview, Lady Gaga has the press wrapped around her fingers.

Me? I'm yet to put any of her hits onto my iPod. But I am one click away from purchasing "Speechless" and "Born This Way". Those two songs I do like from her. I think those who compare her to Madonna, are right too but they shouldn't say that Lady Gaga isn't original. She is. People look to the past for inspiration, and Lady Gaga has cited Madonna as one of hers. History is bound to repeat itself and there's only so much originality you can get out of one person. Is is a crime that her latest hit is reminiscent of 80s Madonna? No. Is the world going to end because, just like Madonna Lady Gaga is a revolutionary artist that is breaking the molds of fashion? Not at all. I believe that what Lady Gaga produces is real. She started off as a songwriter and many of her songs became hits so now she wanted to take her talent for herself, as she should! I love hearing her talk about fame, because she is, as she calls herself, a master of it. Not just because she's selling record by the millions and selling out stadiums in seconds, but because of the way she's accomplished that. She knows what to tell the media, how to act, how to promote her albums, how to eat, whatever! She's studied past music icons and have taken things that have made them a success and a failure into account and is trying to apply that to her own career. She's smart. But everything she does, I believe, is herself. Would I rather be listening to Frank Sinatra or The Black Keys? Sure. Any day. But I like seeing what Lady Gaga does, I like hearing her new music. Just because I'm not in love with every single song doesn't mean I can't be pro-Gaga. Keep doing what you're doing.

Watch this. Amazing.

Song stuck in my head today: "Mrs. Robinson" by Simon & Garfunkel

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Glee Review #22: "Comeback" (Season 2, Episode 3)

What a great episode! I love how Glee is a show that focuses on things happening now, like how startlingly huge Justin Bieber has become!


With his performance of "Baby" Chord Overstreet has proved that he can make anything absolutely adorable. "Somebody to Love" was HILARIOUS. I can't get over the wig that Puck wore. "Take Me or Leave Me" was great! I know a lot of Gleeks have been waiting for Rent's debut on the show and this 'diva-off' that ending with smiles between Rachel and Mercedes was an awesome was to incorporate it. "This Little Light of Mine" was super sweet and shows that Glee can cover any genre of music and make it work! "I Know What Boys Like" was hilarious as well, I'm still not sure what to make of it but go Lauren! "Sing" was amazing and the funny thing is I heard the song for the first time a couple hours before watching Glee!! (And the outfits- especially Sue's!- were great!)

Santana is getting on my nerves. Can she quit it for once?! Now she's with Sam? This doesn't make sense whatsoever. I really wanted Sam to be the good guy of the bunch. The one who doesn't give into Santana or cheating or whatever, just drama I guess. But now I'll be Team Mike Chang for the next couple of episodes? Because the Sam/Santana thing isn't bound to last long!

1.) Is Rachel really going to write a song for Regionals?
I was really surprised to hear that Rachel thought New Directions should perform an original song at the competition. I'm anxious to hear what the show comes up with because it has to be amazing to win the hearts of the gleeks and the Regionals judges!
2.) Why did Sam agree to go out with Santana?
I honestly think Sam is just going out with Santana to prove to Quinn that he can get girls whenever he wants. I also think he wants to fit in. After all, he is still relatively new to McKinley and in a way hooking up with Santana is like an initiation process!
3.) Is it a given that New Directions will win Regionals?
After the disappointing loss last year, isn't it text book that New Directions will bring home the trophy come this time around? It makes sense but you never know with Glee!

The Bieber Experience

“Who’s more rock n’ roll than Justin Bieber? No one, that’s who.” — Sam

“I agree with SpongeHairSquareChin.” — Sue

“I wore a tank top today because I thought it was summer. No one ever taught me how to read a calendar.” — Brittany

“Most teachers think by cutting class I may improve my grades.” — Brittany
“And William – I don’t care how adorable those kids are; if I hear one song from that classic rock outfit Journey I will start pulling catheters.” — Sue
“I mean, my carousel horse sweater should make me look like an institutionalized toddler but no – I look hot and smart. I feel like Michelle Obama.” — Santana
“Oh Will, Charles Manson would have been a fun addition to your pack of losers.” – Sue
"Kids R Us closes at six p.m. sharp!" - Rachel
*Since all these posts have been delayed... there's no purpose in writing about next episode! Sorry that these have all sucked :( *
Song stuck in my head today: "Back To Where I Was" by Eric Hutchinson
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Glee Review #21: "Silly Love Song" (Season 2, Episode 2)

Oh, Valentine's day. Gotta love Glee's holiday episodes.

*SPOILER ALERT* Get yourself to!

"Fat Bottomed Girls" was... interesting. I just think that Puck's love for Lauren is too weird. I understand it but I do think that the writers just wanted to throw in another crazy relationship. "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)" was so great! I love Mike Chang and Artie, especially together. Too cute. "When I Get You Alone" was so great, the Warblers are AMAZING. "My Funny Valentine" was... interesting as well! I think Tina's crying should've been more drawn out or come at the end because I wanted to hear more! But I understand why they included it. "Firework" was great, Rachel never disappoints. "Silly Love Songs" was my favorite of the night!!!

I still can't wrap my head around all the Sam/Quinn/Finn/Rachel drama but you can't avoid these sort of things in TV shows! I loved Finn's gift to Rachel (the star necklace), it was perfect. I loved the Lonely Heart club at the end of this episode!

My questions...
1.) When will Kurt and Mercedes be happy?
Not to say that the two aren't happy being single but when will they finally have a solid relationship? Kurt has had his flings -with both sexes- but never has Mercedes been in a relationship or have we seen any of her love life whatsoever! Don't leave her out people!
2.) Will Quinn keep seeing Finn?
Like Quinn said, last time she cheated it got her pregnant! So will she keep this thing with Finn going? I personally think Quinn won't because deep down is the old God-fearing girl we remember from season 1!
3.) Does Rachel's hair change every season?
I know this is random, but as I was watching the episode I was thinking about the different hairstyles Lea Michele has donned as Rachel Berry on Glee. It seems like we can never been happy with just one! Haha, will she do something drastic next season? Like Puck's 'mohawk'?

The glee club enjoying a member's performance.

Your quotes...!
"That’s my man and his legs don’t work.” – Brittany

“It’s cool. My dad’s a drug addict so losers make me horny.” – Waitress

"It's a receipt. I went to Jared." - Santana

"Please, I've had mono so many times it's turned into stereo." - Santana

*Since all these posts have been delayed... there's no purpose in writing about next episode! Sorry that these have all sucked :( *

Song stuck in my head today: "No Stopping Us" by Jason Mraz

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Glee Review #20: "The Sue Sylvester Suffle" (Season 2, Episode 10)

Welcome back Glee! Yes, yes, yes, this review is late I know so watch my blog just be bombarded with backed up Glee reviews this week! Hopefully you're a fan. As always...

*SPOILER ALERT* (It's been a week or so, I'd think you would have watched it by now!)

"California Gurls" was a hilarious way to start the show! The things Sue comes up with... "Need You Now" was really good. Puck + that guitar = always a great song! "She's Not There" was a good surprise. I didn't know the club was performing any other songs in almost full zombie mode but the last number. "Bills, Bills, Bills" was AMAZING. I think I'm in love with the Warblers as much as I'm in love with New Directions. Is that bad? Finally, "Thriller"/"Heads Will Roll" was an amazing mashup as expected. Who comes up we these mashups?! They deserve tons of recognition.
Since this episode was aimed at drawing in new viewers, there wasn't too much drama going on. The only scandalous thing worth writing about is Finn's kiss with Quinn. I mean, come on! Make up your mind kid. That goes for the both of you. This leads me to my questions...
1.) Will Quinn and Finn become an item again?
It's hard to keep track of all the hook-ups on Glee and these two seem to be the start of them all. When will all this confusing drama finally come a close?! I honestly don't see a good relationship in these two, so I'm hoping Quinn does break it of with Sam but not for Finn. Just to save Sam from her uncertainty.
2.) Is this the end of the glee club vs. the football team?
This little experiment seemed to really work, at times. Will this finally end the bitter tension between these two groups once and for all? Or just have things simmer down for a while?
3.) Is Quinn, Santana, and Brittany's quit from the cheerios permanent?
The girls seemed pretty happy to relieve themselves of Sue's tight grip on their lives, but we all know too well how these things go. Is it only a matter of time before they get sucked back into pom poms and protein shakes?

The glee club, featuring the football team, performing their mashup of "Thriller" and "Heads Will Roll" for the huge crowd at the championship half-time game.

Here are your quotes.....

"I don't want to die yet. At least not until One Tree Hill gets canceled." - Brittany

"Is it the new raccoon hormones my doctor gave me?" - Sue

"I'm not singing no show tunes. That is the music of my oppressors." - Football team member

"Ladies my Suclear weapon." - Sue

"And that, Brittany, is so 2000 and late." - Sue

Some misc. things...

  • I loved Becky smashing the canon with champagne!
  • The Bieste singing along to "Need You Now" was great.
  • The 'Artie Rolls' sign at the football game was too cute.
  • As I'm watching the episode, I'm wondering how we don't notice small things in TV like how they're playing football yet it's the middle of February? High school football ends come November!

Song stuck in my head today: "Misery" by Maroon 5

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

Oh, Valentine's day. I don't hate it, (well maybe sometimes) but I don't LOVE it either.

Some people say they dislike Valentine's day because everyday should be filled with love, and they're absolutely right. But sometimes the non-romantics out there need a little nudge, and Hallmark definitely seems to benefit from it. My Valentine's day is never anything really special. I mean I'm never in a relationship when it rolls around so all my yummy chocolate and little bears holding hearts come from friends and family. This year my mom gave me and my sister candy in a heart shaped container, and cards of course. Any holiday staple! My mom found this awesome Glee card for me ('cause she's amazing) and it really made my day. So what I don't have a boyfriend! I have my family, I'm loved by people who really really care about me. I mean does it make me upset that I don't have a 'special person' to be with this 14th of February? Sure, of course. But I'm not going to spend the night watching The Notebook with a pint of Haagen Daz (get real, Pretty Little Liars is on!). Because love isn't constricted to boyfriend and girlfriend, love is the affection you have for your mom or dad, your siblings, your aunts, uncles, grandparents, best friends, whoever. Your dog, your fish even! So today celebrate the love you have for others, whoever they may be. And try to get your hands on some chocolate or Necco hearts if you're able to! ;)
But, if you're still feeling lonely on V-Day. Click here, I think you can laugh at something everyone goes through at some point.

Song stuck in my head today: "All You Need Is Love" by the cast of Across the Universe

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My mind is not the place you want to be right now. I'm constantly up and down.

In the morning I wake up, I'm depressed. I want to watch the sunrise snug on my couch with a cup of tea. Not on the dead silent bus hitting potholes freezing my entire body off.

When I get to class I'm wondering why I've been such a grouch. I'm laughing my head off with my friends and my teacher is actually being really funny.

When I sit down in math, I'm depressed. I wonder why in the world I need to know how to prove ABCD a parallelogram. WHEN AM I GOING TO USE THIS? HOW WILL THIS STOP CHILD HUNGER? Let me know when you find out.

When I get to lunch, I'm depressed. Waiting on the lunch line by myself I remember why I hate this school. Dear gang of kids, I am not interested in hearing about the planning of your poker night or how you hooked up with so and so last weekend. I don't want to know you're grounded this week for having pot and I would really recommend you treat the lunch ladies with some more respect. After all they choose to put up with you for a living.

When I get to social studies, I'm wondering why I've been such a grouch. I'm laughing once again and creating great memories.

When I get to science, I'm wondering why I've been such a grouch. I'm with you.

When I get to art, I'm sorta depressed. I love love love my project but I hate hate hate hearing about your blow job while I'm trying to draw the London bridge. Ugh.

And throughout this whole crazy day I just think and think and think and think. Think about you, a lot. Think about why I'm here, a lot. And think about why I'm not doing something absolutely crazy and amazing and great right now. I'm stuck here. But I sort of like it. And I really hate it. I don't make any sense anymore and I'm constantly craving the summer. Constantly. I want the warm weather, I want to trade my cardigans for racer backs and my jeggings for cut up shorts. I want to go for a run without killing myself on the ice during the process. I want to have fun, and this tedious week is not for me.

Song stuck in my head today: how 'bout you just sit here and listen to my new playlist? (Added some stuff, deleted some songs that were wrong)

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

You greeted me on a frosty February first morning with death, and a dreadful ear infection. Well February I want to let you know that I will still love you, and I will still try to enjoy my last month of winter to the fullest. So please bear with me as a bear with you. Thanks for the two hour delay this morning to school, I needed it.

Song stuck in my head today: I don't know but my mum keeps complaining that Justin Bieber's "Baby" is stuck in hers!

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^bahah I'm sorry I still can't believe I actually typed mum.... :)