Monday, November 29, 2010

Current State: Happy In Your Presence

There comes a point, when you just cherish their presence. Just being with them is better off knowing how they really feel.
The laughs, smiles, every blissful second is great when you don't worry about the feelings.
And knowing that you're making the right decison, having your own little secret.
Because if you let it out there's a chance the smiles may turn to frowns.

Song stuck in my head today: ♥
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Glee Review #17: "Furt" (Episode 8, Season 2)

What a great episode this week?! Glee, I just can't get enough of it!

*SPOILER ALERT* (It's been a week Gleeks, get to it!)

So first off I'd like to say that looking back at some old posts, I've been wrong on always one song the cast was going to perform in next weeks episode! "Jai Ho" was really far off, and I'm sorry! I'm still going to post songs I know of, and I apoligize if they're wrong. "Ohio" was sweet, what you'd expect. "Marry You" was AMAZING I've heard this song only once before, and now I love it even more. My lone year old sister even clapped when they were done with it! Another Bruno Mars rendition was "Just The Way You Are" which really summed everything up perfectly.

Drama, drama, drama. Well first I would like to commend Glee for really showing what bullying is like and making it a focal point of their show. Bullying based on sexuality is HUGE and I hope it's changed some people's views. I'm glad Kurt finally told more people about the harassment that was taking place, and I swear to you this guy on my bus looks just like Karofsky and when I saw him early in the morning and shiver went down my spine!

My questions...
1. Kurt is leaving?!
So after being introduced to the Warblers for a couple episodes now I realize it should be no shock to you that Kurt is leaving, but really? Now I can't believe it! I mean I never would've thought his parents would spend their honeymoon fund on the tuition. Isn't that like giving into Karofsky? Granted he has no one to hurt anymore but isn't that like giving up in a way? Let me know what you think...
2. Hopefully all the Kurt-Finn drama is gone now...?
It finally looks like these to are the perfect pair of brothers after Finn's performance of "Just The Way You Are" I'm really happy things worked out so no more drama with these two Fox!
3. Should we be expecting some Santana-Rachel-Finn fireworks?
Santana has nothing better to do than stirr up some drama when things are working out just fine. Out of the blue she reminds Finn about them having sex and how he had to lie to Rachel about it. We all know this will crush Rachel and I think we all know Santana doesn't give! So the only question is when and how? (And how/when Rachel and Finn will get back together... cause they obviously will! ☺)

Your quotes (only three?!):
"Which is why I prefer to think of the homelss as outdoorsy." - Sue
" have a trunk full of wedding magazines hidden under my bed. I’m thinking of a russet and cognac theme. Those are colors, Finn." - Kurt
"Not to worry, ladies, it’s an open marriage." - Rod
Some others thoughts of mine...
  • "HE PROPOSED!" Aw, gotta love Furt.
  • Sue marrying herself? No suprise!
  • Quinn's so guarded now! Sam's a good guy, let him in!
  • Sue's rehersal dinner was hysterical!

We don't know much about next tomorrow's episode but I'm really excited! I can't wait to hear "Dog Days Are Over" and I'm super excited for "Valerie". Here are the other songs they're singing:

"Don't Cry for Me Argentina"

"The Living Years"

"Hey, Soul Sister"

"(I've Had) The Time of My Life"

Song stuck in my head today: "Holiday" by Vampire Weekend

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Back to Basics: A Flower List Update

What's your favourite part about Thanksgiving?

16% said The food!
50% said EVERYTHING(:
0% said The parades
33% said Being with family
0% said I don't like it...
0% said I don't celebrate it!

Well, Thanksgiving's tomorrow and I can tell you right now that I love this holiday for everything it encompasses and I'm happy that I have so many things to be thankful for! So many of us everyday take things for granted so this year start realizing all the little miracles you have in your life. Think of the people that don't have a computer, a house, a family, shoes, a smile on their face. Always be thankful! Don't leave this feeling for just November and drop it down the garbage with your leftovers once the radio stations go from "Shake" to "Silent Night". Always take a step back every now and then and thank the people who are in your life. Don't expect people to always do what's right, be happy when they do and let them know. Give back year round. Just because there's no huge Toys for Tots drive going on doesn't mean there's no people that need them. So, enjoy your holiday and remember to sit down for a bit and think about what you're thankful for, I'm serious! Life will seem a whole lot better if you do.

Oh, by the way I'm thankful for my 100th blog post! :)

Song stuck in my head today: "Yea Yeah" by Matt and Kim

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We The Kings.

I don't know about you but there's no word to describe how I feel about concerts. In the past year or so I've absolutlely become obsessed with them. Last saturday I had the amazing opportunity to see this GREAT band We The Kings free at a local outlet. Who cares it was free (why should that be bad anyways?!), who cares the venue was small, who cares half the people there didn't know who they were, a concert is a concert. And it was amazing.

I think everyone has their own secret professions of choice. Secretly, I want to be a rock star. Or at least something to do with music. But of course rock star is at the top. I'm always thinking of different occupations that deal with music, video director? band documentar? group photographer? song writer? I wish. If you haven't been to a concert (unless you hate music, ew.) GO NOW. Save your paychecks, skip breakfast if you have to! And buy the best seats in your house for your favorite artist. I can't tell you how amazing it is. You just escape into this paradise for an hour or so. It's the most euphoric experience ever. I swear.

In addition to my Flower List I've made two new lists, one of them being
Artists I Want To See Live

Jason Mraz


Bruce Springsteen

Kate Nash

Maroon 5

Colbie Calliat

Vampire Weekend


You just lose yourself at a concert. So I've always wondered what it's like to be on stage, creating this whole universe with every strum of the guitar or flip of your hair. What's it like to control everything? To see everybody lost? Are you lost too or are you marveling at what your music does to others? I think I'd be lost.

So here's so videos from my concert. We The Kings is a great pop-rock quartet and I fell in love with them a couple years back and it was so refreshing to finally out of the blue see them an hear their new songs! So here's some videos for you.. they're only a minute or two each (so no full songs sorry) so I bet you can spare some time to watch them!

I'll let you know how my list goes, if I add or who else I see in concert. God, it's just the best feeling ever!

(The two pics I used are pictures I took of the band, I really like how they turned out... hm....)

Song stuck in my head today: "Promise the Stars" by We The Kings

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

World of Jenks and The Buried life MASSIVE review!

Ready for an intense World of Jenks and The Buried Life review covering three episodes? YES. Alright, let's go!

In this episode, titled "Me and My Surfboard", Andrew rooms with pro surfer Anastasia and learns not only the basics of surfing, but the pressures it brings and what keeps Anastasia going. I've always wanted to surf so bad so on an instructional perspective this was very eye-opening! Otherwise it was another satisfactory episode that only really revealed the vulnerable side of Anastasia that no one got to see. I would have to say the high point of the episode is this picture right here! ;D While I love all of Jenks' work this one wasn't my favorite but I still enjoyed it!

Dares are always interesting, but it's always hard for me to come up with good ones. So major props to the girl who dared The Buried Life team to steal a lock of RPatz's hair! This dare was completely insane, I was laughing and on my edge the whole time. In the end the guys were successful in getting one single strand of Twilight Saga 's lead actor Robert Pattinson's hair. If this show doesn't show you that anything is possible, I don't know what will! While 3/4 of the guys search for 'Edward's' lovely locks, Ben heads to Minnesota to meet Lexi, a young woman whose goal is to create a forum for people to discuss the pitfalls of depression - something she and Ben have both suffered from. Not only did Ben help create a safe haven where Lexi and others can share their feelings but he helped her achieve a huge scholarship to the college she's been trying to get into for a while.

In "Hail Mary" Jenks spent a week with Jessi, a former contestant that made it big on So You Think You Can Dance who is now a Tennesse Titan's cheerleader, trying out again for her homestate's team. Me, well just being me! I've always had this really judgemental preconception of all cheerleaders, wheter cheering on the field of some small town high school or at the big leagues. Not to say that Jenks shattered my whole view of cheerleading as a sport, but he definitely showed me that the glitter didn't mark their whole life. It also showed how much heart and soul the girls put into their career/passion/sport; and that there truly is a dark side to all the glitz and glam we see in Hollywood, and that it's hard to stay focused on your dream once you're so close.

There's many shows on TV that showcase a person alone in the wilderness surviving on the smallest amount of commodities. Many people doubt the truth in Man Vs. Wild for example, and some may say that what The Buried Life did with this episode is staged also, but it seems to me like the guys truly did escape off a deserted island. Jonnie being sick and Duncan killing a bird was real enough for me. This was one of their most life risking and specific items to cross off, but after finding a fishing boat miles off the island's coast the TBL boys left the island save, sound, and sunburned. This episode really showed how primitive we are when stripped of everything. So many people would think of killing a bird with a rock 'barbaric' but when placed in a situation like this, there's no telling what could happen and how you'll react!
Before watching this episode of World of Jenks I was vaguely familiar with V.V. Brown. I knew of her song "Shark In The Water" after it was used in a commercial for the TV show Degrassi but besides that I knew not much else about this British songstress. While documenting their time together Andrew really showed just how hard it is to make it in America as an up in coming artist. V.V.'s whole life was dedicated to promoting herself and her music. She only had a couple days off and year and had to leave all her family back home in England. She knows she could fail and she could never make it in America, but it's a chance she's willing to take. I really liked this episode, I never knew how much effort goes into something like this and I hope V.V.'s dream comes true!!

In this episode Dave takes a try at a MMA professional fighter. I really liked this episode because it shows how Dave really progressed in only
a minimal amount of training after deciding to go through with this list item. In the end after breaking his thumb in the fight, Dave technically lost but not being bias or anything he totally won! He was on top of that guy from the start. In this episode Duncan also helps a girl who wants to talk a motorcycle ride along the coast and spread her dad's ashes on the beach. This was something he had always wanted to do with her but never got the chance. I thought it was a very sweet thing but I didn't understand why The Buried Life guys needed to help her. Was it because she needed motorcycles? Not to say it's bad to document the experience just because it was so nice but I thought they're supposed to help people achieve their dreams and this one seemed pretty solid.
Song stuck in my head today: "Cousins" by Vampire Weekend
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Saturday, November 20, 2010


So... I promised a few people some blog mentions and here's the remainder of them!

Alana Epstein If you actually read anything I post, you'll remember my post about my other friend Shilpa who I met under these really random circumstances. Well, in a way Alana's friendship with me was sort of like that. Alana and I have gone to school together since we were in kindergarten but only in 7th grade did we become close and honestly I wonder where she's been all my life! Oh, wait. She was always right there.... Isn't that so wierd? When someones always been there but you've never really talked to them and then once you do it's hard to imagine life without them? Alana and I have so much in common and we love all the same things I thought no one else knew of. I really hope Alana and I stay friends throughout high school and I love every moment we're together! By the way... her blog I was trying to share with you all is no longer on Blogger but you can read it all on Tumblr! CLICK HERE

Kara & Meghan Cramise
I don't know how you spend your summers but I spend mine at VBS and without this camp every summer I would've never met Kara and Meghan. The group of friends I share my summer with are amazing and I can't imagine spending those few months with anyone else... I miss you Kara and Meghan! I have the best times with both of you and can't wait until I get to see either of you again. You're each so great in your own ways (wow that sounds cheesy, but hey, its true) and I hope Meghan, that you're having fun teaching Kayla! Ha hope she doesn't bother you that much but she really loves being in your class. And Kara I know my summers would be a lot less funny and bright without you, hope you both are having a great year. :)

Stephanie Boegle
To cut to the chase, Steph is my cousin who is really like a sister. My life would be DRASTICALLY different without this chick and I cherish each conversation, picture, moment, and voicemail. I'm so thankful to live the life I live but I think God didn't realize how many gfts he'd already given me and threw me an extra one on accident. Stephanie is my go to girl. I tell her anything and everything and I really truly think she's the only person I have that much confidence in. Sometimes you can tell people things but it still leaves this wierd feeling in your stomach, not with Steph. Everything I tell her, no matter how deep and dark, is easy and natural. Steph is constantly and inspiration for my life, and is a person I am extremely thankful for. I love ya girlie!

Song stuck in my head today: "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And We're Off!

Yes, I'm officialy back into daily running.

Winter track started yesterday, and so far so good. But it's extremely different this year.... :(
1.) Its harder- no duh!
2.) It's cold!
3.) I miss everyone. Either my good friends I used to run with are not doing track or are going to a different school and I'm sick of it already! I do have friends on the team, but none of them are really at my pace. They're either too slow or too fast.

I hope my season goes well.... I really don't know what to expect from it at all!

Song stuck in my head today: "Only The Good Die Young" Glee cast version

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Glee Review #16: "The Substitute" (Episode 7, Season 2)

Wow! What an episode, exactly what I was craving.

*SPOILER ALERT* get yourself over to!

While all the songs were equally great, the one I'm listening to right at this moment on YouTube is "Forget You". It already made number one on iTunes! It was so funny because I just heard this song for the first time a week or two ago while watching MTV Hits and I think the Glee version was even better. It was simply fantastic. "Make 'Em Laugh" was really cute, and Rachel and Holly's version of "Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag" was great. It was good to see Rachel thoroughly enjoying a performance! "Singin' in the Rain/Umbrella" was just as I expected: amazing!

Drama this episode was left to the ever relentless Terri "Schuester?", and the lovable Kurt. Let's just go right to the questions because they have to deal with all this drama that went on...

1.) Is Terri FINALLY gone?!
Seeing her pop up when Will bought the Lamborghini, and in other awkward situations gave the show a comical twist, but her perpetual attempts to win him back have long ago become too tedious. I hope her last conversation with Will was the last straw, because it sure seemed like it. Then again you never know with Terri... Oh and also wasn't it great to see Will talk to a normal girl in his house without it resulting in a one night stand? Kudos.
2.) Is Kurt's "friend" going to last long also?
How many more episodes is this Neanderthal going to keep confusing our Kurt? After the threat he made to Kurt at the end of the episode, it seems things are coming to a final boiling point... I hope. I don't want to see Kurt hurt! Also, do you think he will tell someone about the threat? Ironically, we just learned about these kind of things during an assembly in school and our guidance department stressed the fact of telling people of anything that could possibly harm someone. So, do you think Kurt will? Or is this not serious at all?
3.) Is Kurt going out with Blaine?
After he gave Mercedes a speech about her "finding the one" it just muddled up reality even more: Is Kurt seeing Blaine or not?!

Will sees this when he turns around to face his class after being too sick.

QUOTES! (They were actually a lot this time!)
"You smell homeless Brett, homeless." - Kurt
"I'm Mike Chang." - Brittany
"At least I didn't fall and break my talent." - Rachel
"C'mon guys there's gotta be a Journey song we haven't done yet!" - Will
"Top 40 sweet cheeks." - Holly
"They look like deep-fried deer poop." - Brittany
"He taught me how to tie my shoelaces." - Sam
"Are you a porn star or a drag queen?" - Terri
" I suggest selling yourself on Craigslist under the heading of 'Men seeking Men with butt chins.'" - Sue
" Mr. Schu taught me the second half of the alphabet. I stopped after M and N. I thought they sounded too similar and got frustrated." - Brittany

Some random points...
  • I'm starting TEAM FIGGINS, I love him
  • The toddlers in the show were ADORABLE.
  • Santana's moment where she almost mauled Rachel was too funny!
  • "Conjunction Junction" made the episode.
  • Brittany was hysterical all around.

Next week.... Carol. Burnett. Enough said.

The songs that will be performed are...
"Just the Way You Are"
"Marry You"
"Jai Ho"
I'm wonder how they'll incorporate "Jai Ho"!

Song stuck in my head today: "In My Life" by The Beatles (Yeah, just freaking out that they're finally on iTunes!)

Keep on keepin' on,


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Acess Denied

So... two things you may or may not already know about me.
1. I LOVE Harry Potter
2. It's on my Flower List to see a movie at a midnight premiere
Being that HP7 is coming out this Friday, I dreamed about seeing it late Thursday night.
Well there's two things stopping me:
1. My mother. (I'll be honest!)
2. No one to go with!

You see most of my friends aren't Harry Potter nerds like myself.
And I'm tired of going with people who have no real interest in it!
It turns out I have an AMAZING FRIEND
named Shilpa
who I just found out...
How great is that?

Since there's no way the both of us (we live in different towns) could get together to see the midnight even if we were allowed,
we're seeing the film sometime this weekend hopefully and I can't wait!
I met Shilpa at a track meet and ever since we've kept in touch.
I have to admit, she's like my little miracle.
I can't believe a silly track meet created so many new friendships for me
and I love talking to her and spending time with her.
Though we've only hung out once outside of track related events,
I really consider Shilpa a good friend.
She's hilarious, really nice, and just so easy to have a good time with!
And the unknown fact that she read all the Harry Potter books makes me love her that much more.
Fact: Way to my heart, love Harry Potter ;)


So, be open.
Don't think you won't be friends with someone because
they don't like things you do,
they're weird,
they live too far away,
they go to another school,
they're a guy,
they're a girl,
they're gay,
they're stupid,
they're to smart,
they're not in your 'group'.
Wheter it's the guy that's lived on your block for years
but always thought was too... crazy
someone you've met for the first time,
you have to choice to create a lasting relationship!
So don't be afraid to strike up a conversation.

Song stuck in my head today: check out my other post! :P
Keep on keepin' on,

Glee Review #15: "Never Been Kissed" (Episode 6, Season 2)

Let's hear it for Kurt this season! So many ups and downs I can only wonder what happens next.

*SPOILER ALERT* It's been a week but make sure you've watched it!

The showstopper of this week HAD to be "Teenage Dream" a chorus of guys covering Katy Perry's latest number one hit? Yep, there's magic in that. It sounded GREAT and I know so many people downloaded right after nine o'clock hit. When I heard the first beat of "One Love" I was thinking, oh God here we go! But It was surprisingly good and somewhat humorous. "Living on a Prayer/Start Me Up" was a really cool mashup but I thought the girl would've been better. The guy's number at the end was sweet but nothing crazy good either.

Drama, drama, drama... I don't know about you but I wasn't that shocked with Kurt's first real kiss. You had to sorta suspect it. What I think shocked everyone else though was how Kurt didn't fall for Blaine right away! What was with that? The other thing I found odd was Quinn's talk with Coach Sylvester. Why would she want to tell Sue about her makeout moment with Sam? It seemed really weird. I understand Quinn and Sue are close but I wouldn't see Sue as someone you go and get advice from! And finally, the whole Bieste situation. Such a crazy ending and I was glad she got a happy one.

My three questions...
1.) Will Sue finally be done with harassing Coach Bieste?
I think Bieste's been through enough by now, and the fact that she stayed at McKinley after almost leaving should've been enough for Sue to wave a white flag. Sometimes her antics are funny but at this point they're going to become annoying.
2.) How will Kurt and Blaine's relationship pan out?
I hope either Kurt keeps in good touch with Blaine or there's more than just friendship for these two. The only reason I couldn't imagine Kurt falling for Blaine is maybe he's tired of looking for love and at this point just needs someone who can relate to him and understand him. Someone he can always go to.
3.) Do you think Glee represents high schools everywhere well?
I can't help but think as I'm watching any show that involves a school, wait my school isn't like that! My school doesn't have tubs athletes can soak in after long practices like Sam and Finn had, my school doesn't have huge locker rooms with their own weight room and showers, and my school doesn't have a large outdoor campus area like the one the glee club performed "Empire State of Mind" in. And other high schools I've been to aren't like that either! I'm just wondering what you all think of it....
The Warblers sing "Teenage Dream"

And your quotes...!
"You should be our nation's president." - Santana
“Kurt, I’m gonna say it again: boys’ team.” - Will
“There’s no way I’m going back to juvie. There’s no chicks and no kosher meal options up in that place.” - Puck
“You in a sequin gown and a feather boa is exactly what you’d expect.” - Artie
"I'm gonna have to stare at some wounds"- Sue
“With those abs you can be my very own Situ-Asian.” - Tina
“If everyone just put out we would have a winning football team.” - Santana

Tonight's episode looks great! Even tough Will's gone ( :( ) I'm excited to see what crazy things are going to happen with Gwyneth Paltrow fills in for him. The song I'm most excited for is "Singin' in the Rain"/"Umbrella". The other songs they will be performing are...
"Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag"
"Make 'Em Laugh"
"Forget You"

Song stuck in my head today: "If It's Love" by Train

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Monday, November 15, 2010


Diabetes Awareness Month.

It isn't pink or sexy, it doesn't involve boobs, football players or cute t-shirts.
It's about being GRATEFUL when you/your loved one wakes up in the morning.
It's 3am blood sugar checks, needles, etc.
That's a diabetic's LIFE.

Found this on my best friend's mother's Facebook. Wanted to 'aware' you. Hope that you or your loved ones are doing well with the disease, and know we're here for you!

Song stuck in my head today: "Sunday Bloody Sunday" by U2

Keep on keepin' on,


Glee Review #14: "The Rocky Horror Glee Show" (Episode 5, Season 2)

Another great themed Glee episode to add to the surely growing list!

C'mon guys, it's been over two weeks! But anyways... *SPOILER ALERT*

How can you not rock out to RHPS tunes? They were all delivered amazily well, my favorite having to be "Dammit Janet". I don't care what you say- I love it! "Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me" was sort of wierd with Brittany and Santana but I know they had to get those back up vocals in there... overall that song was just a bit wierd! "Sweet Transvestite" was so cool, I did not know how Mercedes would pan out as Dr. Frank-N-Furter but boy did she work it.

With all the musical commotion it left little room for big drama, except for the big Emma/Will/Carl love triangle. You have to love a good love triangle! It's so funny to see Will really trying for Emma's love because in the past she's just fallen so easily for him!

My three points of pondering...
1.) How long will Emma and Carl last?
With Will's perpetuals interference and John Stamo's character still considered a "guest" will Emma and her new dental dreamy last through the end of the season? It seems fans won't stop until they get a happy ending for Emma and Will and the fights over her can only last so long...
2.) Will Glee forever consist of themed episodes?
So far we've had Lady Gaga, Britney, Madonna, Rocky Horror, what's next? I love these episode but only once in a while I have to admit. I feel like there's one every other week! I like seeing the glee clubbers in their own element with creative scripting not a memorized pop culture routine.
3.) Is Sam really that conceited?
I don't know about you, but I was shocked that Sam Evans the newsest glee club addition, was as body image obsessive as he turned out to be. He didn't seem like that type of guy! Will it pose problems in the future or was this only a one episode deal?

Finn and Rachel as Brad and Janet performing "Over at the Frankenstein's Place"

P.S. I love Finn in glasses! :)

Here's your quotes...

"I have no clue what's going on in this script and it's not in a cool Inception kinda way." - Finn

"I’d like to preserve you. In a jar. In my basement.” - Mercedes

"It’s going to be abulous.” - Sam

“I should have known; people who dress like librarians – all sex addicts.” - Sue

"Give me some chocolate or I will cut you!” - Becky

Don't you feel like the quotes are becoming less and less memorable each episode? :(

Song stuck in my head today: ...

Keep on keepin' on,


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Back to Basics: A Flower List Update

Do you read other blogs besides The Flower List?

0% said Yup! All the time. I love blogs.
0% said Nah, I only read this for Glee
75% said No I only read this 'cause I see it on your Facebook
0% said I sometimes check out others.. not often though
0% said I read the ones you follow :)
75% said Nope. I barely read this.

I really wish more of you read blogs! So, if you at least read this one I wanted to tell you guys about some of the blogs I follow. It's an easy way for you to get into bloggers and I hope you at least check some of these out! So, here they are!

What's it like?
If you're into small, sweet and all around wonderful posts! Definitely check out this blog. I love seeing the photos on the blog and all the videos they post links to! I've found cool music from this blog, and really insightful and helpful posts. You HAVE to read this.
Do they post often?
Yes! :) Probably once or twice every day or so.

What's it like?
jest 18:17 is a photo blog, it posts nothing but photographs. So if you're into photography or just like looking at pictures, I really like this blog. Some of his pictures are really fantastic.
Do they post often?
Yeah, two or three times a week I'd say.

What's it like?
Another photo blog that as well has really amazing photos. So if you're ever bored or have some extra time to waste on the computer please, check it out!
Do they post often?
They have been lately, like every day or so but before that they would post a bunch of photos every month. So it's hard to tell.

Save Japan Dolphins
What's it like?
A blog that keeps you updated in the fight against dolphin slaughter in Japan. I have to admit, while I do support them fully I don't always read the posts entirely. But I love seeing it pop up in my reading list so I know what's going on in the cause.
Do they post often?
Yes, three or more times I week I'd say.

The Lemon Story
What's it like?
I guess you could call The Lemon Story to be my sister blog, well, er, cousin blog! Even though we are like sister Stephanie is indeed my biological cousin. We both made our blogs at the same time to cross them off our lists and I love reading her posts! If you enjoy positive posts that keep you happy, definitely check hers out!
Do they post often?
Yeah, maybe once a week or so. Steph is very spontaneous :)

The Real Top Ten
What's it like?
Primarily it's a music blog that gives you weekly 'top tens' of the real music you should be listening to. But it's also an amazing blog for just about everything else under the sun! I have to say that The Real Top Ten was one of the first blogs I've read and ultimately, my inspiration to start one. I've always loved writing and seeing what others could accomplish with Blogger was really cool. This blog is one of my best friend's friend's and though I've only met her once I miss Rachel and think she is truly an extraordinary person! So I hope she sees this and is doing well :)
Do they post often?
Yes, a couple times a week.

*This blog has been inactive for a while now! But if you feel like checking out it's two posts, do so! It's my cousin's friends and I really wish she didn't stop blogging! :(*

The Time Is Write

*Okay, so this is one of my BFF's blog but it's not working right now...?! I tried to read it to give you guys the link (which, if you haven't noticed is embedded in each of the blog titles!) but it won't show. This really sucks because it was the one I really wanted to all to see! Oh well... if she gets it working I'll let you know.*

Vision Of Peace

*Wow, three in a row... this blog also has been inactive for a while. But they have many truly amazing posts on world peace, saving the earth, music, and more! So please please please check it out!*

A really unfeigned blog about life growing up as a teenage girl.
Do they post often?
A little bit... maybe once or twice a month? Depends!

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Everone Has Their Guilty Pleasures

Coming back to my idea of not knowing yourself fully, I believe everyone has their own guilty pleasures. Things even their closest friends would be suprised they enjoy or things that you'd be shocked to know of someone that you've had pinpointed from the outside so long.

There's this guy in my Studio in Art class who've I've known since kindergarten and have always had the greatest distaste for. He's your class A neanderthal and I can't stand being near him. So the other day he started talking about the new Harry Potter movie and how he was so amped up for the midnight premiere. I had to admit I was taken aback, a lot.

You see yes, he acted all cocky thinking he knew everything about the series just buy watching the movies (which happens to be one of my greatest pet peeves), and yes he's not about to stop harassing people and being stuckup but just knowing that we had something in common, showed me a shimmer of hope. Because I know now, and have always known, that in the end we're all the same. Strip down the specific details and times of your life and realize that other people can relate to your own experiences and may enjoy the same things you do. So while I won't be joining my classmate to go see The Deathly Hollows next friday, I'll always remember that day in class whenever I see him and think, Hey this guy like Harry Potter, he can't be all bad.

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Let's Take a Trip

These past few weeks have been really wierd. My mind keeps coming back to traveling, which isn't abnormal for myself, but traveling to these three places and they keep popping up everywhere!

New York City
Even though I've been there plenty of times, who can really get enough of the Big Apple? Recently my friends have been going there to see all the holiday shows and sales and I just watched a special about The Big Apple Circus and how Lincoln Center is its crowning jewel while on tour. I haven't been there since early August and I have to say that NYC in the winter is just amazing. So it's only a matter of time until my next visit...

I've only been to CA once, and I was in 2nd grade going to see a taping of Wheel of Fortune because my mom was on it! It was a really cool spur of the moment sorta thing but I only got to experience a little bit of the Golden State. Besides a tour of Universal studios, a meal at one of LA's Cheesecake Factories and the pool of the Raddison hotel, I really didn't see much! With both World of Jenks and The Buried Life having episodes shot in California recently, it's only been fueling my desire to go there.

Maybe I've been watching too much TLC and the ads for Sarah Palin's Alaska are now etched in my mind, but I keep coming back to this northern retreat. Everything about Alaska screams beautiful, like it's another world up there. I can not wait to experience everything it has to offer. I happen to have relatives up there too so why not have a family reunion?!

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

World of Jenks: "Road Warrior" The Buried Life: "Capture A Fugitive"

I've never been to Warped Tour before. I've heard stories from my friends, and always liked some of the acts but I never felt a strong desire to go. Now, though not only is it on my bucket list. But I really hope to get to experience from Sierra's point of view. Jenks lived with Sierra, leader singer of rock band VersaEmerge to find out what it's really like to be on the road. I thought the episode was really good, (as usual!) but nothing major. Jenks did, as always, uncover something you might not of expected from rough and tough Sierra on first meeting her, proving that everyone in the end has a breaking point. I loved seeing how Sierra was truly living her dream, and the funny attempts Andrew made at singing. But in the end I guess none of the episode will hold a candle to "Freedom's Flight!". At the end of the half hour I basically sat back and smiled and thought how cool it would be if I got to live Sierra's life.

These guys never cease to create such suspenseful episodes. They were so many moments I thought they were going to die! In this week's episode the guys set out to capture a fugitive. After rigorous training and a couple failed handcuffing attempts, The Buried Life team set out to cross of #25 on their list. After days of compiling information on where they could catch their fugitive they finally got a great lead and found him. After all the suspense became the weirdest twist of fate: the guy actually cooperated with them! Maybe it was the cameras that changed this multiple time escapee or maybe it was the boys charming demeanor (haha). Well, whatever it was the guys got him without a scratch. I LOVED the dream that the guys helped happen also. Aspiring band Venus Infers contacted the guys and explained to them that they've been trying to get a record deal for a while now but after a line of misshaps and bad luck they were unsuccessful. So after hearing the group's great sound they install a tracking system onto the car of a high end record producer who will be their big break in the industry. After cornering him in a restaurant the guys set up the band just a door away and they convince the label producer to check them out. After a surprisingly smooth set the bigwig himself gives the guys a great approval and he immediately knows a bunch of labels who would sign them!
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I'm SO sorry I haven't blogged in weeks! My computer got a really bad virus and even though it's back and running now, we're still fixing it up. So please be patience as I add all my delayed TV reviews, and updates on Halloween and everything! But don't worry I have a whole list of things I want to share with you all and I'll be cranking them all out in the next week or so.


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