Friday, June 10, 2011

Freshman year

School ended for me yesterday, and just like when other things have ended, I come here to reflect on it.

I cannot, cannot, cannot, CANNOT, believe that was my freshman year- and it's over. 25% of high school, done. Just like that.

When I was younger I thought about me being 15. I thought, 'That's such a weird age!'. 15. You're older than 13 but not 16 and wow, you're just old. Yeah, I feel old. But not in a good way. When I thought about being older when I was younger, I imagined myself having an amazing boyfriend, having all these adventures, and, I don't know, just teenage moments! And they've happened, but are a rarity.

When I relfected on my summer last year, it helped change my perspective when I blogged photos of it. I hadn't realized all I'd done! So here are some pictures of my first year as a high schooler, let's see what went down...

When I thought I was a badass being on the roof of my school during orientation ;)
One of the best days this year!
Halloween 2010- 1st shaving cream fight with these amazing kids!
Halloween 2010- Dressing up as Reptar
JV Soccer 2010!! Gonna miss you all next season :(
Seeing We The Kings live! :D
Turning 15- And spending it with my best friend ever!

Meeting Kuds in drama :) Oh, and wearing that lovely dress! Ha DRAMA 2010-2011♥

Talking to strange old men.

Seeing American Idiot on Broadway!

Kiera's Sweet 16 :)

Track tan time!

Re-uniting with Jennie and meeting kids in the park.

Lockdown at a track meet!

Running a random 'senior only' 100m relay last second!

Handing out water at a 10k waterstop with Kiera :)

Face-to-face conversations and Emily's Cinco de Mayo Sweet 16!

SCIENCE PD. 7 &8 ♥


So, like always, turned out I did do a lot! And had a lot of fun while doing it. I love looking back on things because it forces you to remember what a great life you really do have and all the memories you've created, but might've forgotten! I have to say the highlight of my year had to have been track, I'm so grateful I had all the experiences it has given me this year and I'm too excited for the years to come. :)

Song stuck in my head today: BLEH

Keep on keepin' on,


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